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Coffee done right!

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Wide selection of freshly roasted and brewed Coffees at The Coffee Mill Roasters of Millburn, NJ.



Drip Coffee blend brewed daily by The Coffee Mill Roasters


Overdrive (Red Eye)

Drip coffee with a shot of espresso


Cafe and Cocoa

Half coffee and half hot cocoa blend made with Ghirardelli cocoa


Cafe au Lait

Our dark roast coffee with steamed milk



Our robust espresso blend


Espresso Macchiato

Our robust espresso blend topped off with steamed milk



Our robust espresso blend with hot water



Fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk available with Barman flavors



Our robust espresso blend with steamed milk


Sweet Latte

Robust espresso with skim or whole milk and a french flavoring for the added sweetness.


Iced Coffee

Our regular drip coffee served chilled over ice.


Iced Latte

Our robust espresso blend with steamed milk available with our gourmet flavors


Iced Sweet Latte

Our robust espresso blend with steamed milk and french vanilla gourmet flavoring.


Iced Teas

Assorted Gourmet teas available in Green and Black .


Hot Tea

Assorted gourmet hot teas ranging green tea with Jasmine, Black tea, Mint tea, Cranberry hibiscus, English breakfast, Earl Grey, Moroccan mint and Chai


Hot Cocoa

Gourmet Cocoa chocolate made with Ghirardelli chocolate


Steamed Milk

Steamed milk


Sweet Steamed Milk

Steamed milk with gourmet flavoring


Gourmet Flavoring

We use Parisian coffe flavoring "1983" Philibert Routin available in the following: Simple syrup, Vanilla, Caramel, Roasted Hazelnut, Raspberry, White Chocolate, Chocolate, Grenadine, Cherry, Strawberry and Orange.


Mocha Latte

Espresso blend with Steamed Milk and Gourmet Ghirardelli chocolate

Serving This Week

Fresh green coffee beans we are serving this week at The coffee mill roasters of Millburn NJ


Brazilian Cerrado


Columbian Supremo

The highest grade. Beans labelled Supremo are all of the largest size,uniform hand-picked and hand-sorted beans, without imperfections. Limited supply. A moderately heavy- bodied coffee with a smooth rich flavor and lively character. Nicely balanced.


Guatemalan Antigua

Grown in Antigua -- the most celebrated coffee growing district in Guatemala -- at altitudes 4,500 feet or higher. A medium to full-bodied coffee, distinctively aromatic, lively and tangy with soft acidity and an almost spicy-smokey flavor. Widely considered to be the perfectly balanced coffee.


Ethiopian Natural Sidamo

Grown in the Ethiopian Highlands. A medium-bodied coffee with a smooth, pleasingly palatable acidity and a distinct, soft winey character. Nice lively after-taste. Exciting.


Salvador Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Estate has been a family farm for three generations. The breathtakingly beautiful farm spans the side of a pronounced mountain, at the very top of which sits a natural wildlife refuge. The farm benefits from an orientation to the wind that doesn't incur the same crop damage as do some others. Bourbons, Bourbon hybrids and Bourbon mutations make up the types of Bourbon Arabica produced. One characteristic common to most (but not all) Bourbons is a 20 percent to 30 percent higher bean yield than the Typical varietal. While there are exceptions, Bourbons generally produce best in elevations between 3,500 feet and 6,500 feet. Because the soil and climate influences the flavor of the coffee, Bourbons have a slight taste variation depending on where they are grown. Bourbon (Bour-bone) is one of the two original coffee varietals together with the venerable Typica. It is named after an island that was once known as Bourbon, now Réunion, east of Madagascar, where it was discovered in the 18th century. It was later planted in Brazil and El Salvador, earning a reputation for its balance and complex acidity. While red-skinned Bourbons are most common, some of the fruit ripen to a yellow or, rarely, orange or pink. These natural variations are named for their skin color (Yellow Bourbon, Orange Bourbon, etc.) and are often prized for their uniqueness. Like other heirloom coffees, Bourbons require extra effort and care from farmers; they're harder to grow than robust, man-made hybrids, requiring conditions to be just right, and they tend to be lower-yielding-but the payoff can be big.


Sumatra Mandheling

Hand-tended Arabica bean. A uniquely heavy-bodied coffee with low acidity and pleasant nutty aroma. This coffee possesses a distinctive, syrupy, exotic flavor. Truly Unusual.


Organic Timor

The Cooperativa Cafe Timor(CCT) works with very small farms in East Timor,majority own less than a hectare of land. The CCT was established in 1994 with the help of USDA and NCBA. In 2001 the cooperative obtained Fair Trade Certification. The farms are locatede in Maubesse, an area of high altitude and a sub district in the Ainaro district.The coffee of East Timor was originally planted over 400 years ago by Portuguese colonists.However after an epidemic of coffee leaf rust, the replanting of coffee plants occurred, which led to the creation of a new coffee varietal- Hibrido de Timor.. This FTO coffee from the Maubesse region is wet processed and sun dried.


Organic Timor Maubesse (Royal Select Decaf)

This wet processed coffee from the world’s most impoverished country is a testament to the value of international collaboration to rebuild this legendary coffee origin. It produces a mildly sweet, balanced cup with both good body and modest acidity. It leaves you with a crisp, almost spicy finish. This coffee will be appreciated by “lovers of subtly adventurous beverages.”


Kenya AA Kiini

The highest grade. Grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. A full-bodied coffee. Smooth, with a mildly winey flavor and tangy sharp acidity. Aggressive and well balanced.


Costa Rican Tarrazu

The highest grade. Grown primarily in the countryside surroundings of San Jose. A medium-bodied coffee possessing a smooth richness, fine tangy aroma and lively acidity which is never aggressive. Produces a well rounded cup, and brings out best in other beans when used in a blend.