Do Coffee Grounds Keep Cats Away?

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Cats are widely popular as a pet because most people find these domestic animals adorable. Their playfulness and extreme curiosity entertain us all day long. However, cats can be annoying as well.

Some neighboring cats have a terrible tendency to destroy gardens or poop in yards. After doing once, cats usually keep doing such things continued. In such cases, you have no other option except to drive those neighboring cats away from your home.

People apply different techniques to keep cats away from their homes. Among them, using coffee grounds is a popular way to prevent cats’ entrance into your area. How effective is coffee in deterring cats?

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Does Ground Coffee Deter Cats?

Does ground coffee deter cats

If the concealed movement of your neighboring cats irritates you, you are keenly waiting for a solution to keep them away. People do many things to drive cats away from their homes.

For example, many sprinkle ground coffee on their yards and gardens to prevent cats’ entrance. The question should come to your mind – does this technique work? Fortunately, it is an effective and proven method that deters cats. Using ground coffee is one of the easiest home-based and natural solutions to put off cats’ entry.

Though we love the smell of coffee, cats dislike it. They have 14 times better-smelling sensors than us. So, they find the smell of ground coffee very pungent. That’s why cats want to stay away from coffee at any cost.

In rare cases, cats can get attracted to ground coffee. However, most cats dislike coffee and guess its smell is threatening.

Should You Use Coffee to Deter Cats?

The sharply strong smell of coffee works effectively to keep neighboring cats away. Cats also dislike the texture of the coffee ground. So, it helps prevent cats from pooping in your yard as well. There is nothing more to describe, and you can sprinkle coffee grounds between plants and flower beds without thinking twice. In addition, the coffee ground is rich in nitrogen and essential nutrients, which are beneficial for plants. That’s why applying coffee to deter cats is like killing two birds with a stone.

Do All Cats Hate the Smell of Coffee Grounds?

The smell of coffee is generally intolerable to cats. But, it does not assure you that all cats will dislike coffee’s smell. Like humans, every cat has a unique personality and behavior. So, cats’ reactions after applying coffee around your home can vary depending on their nature.

It is said earlier that most cats stay away from the pungent smell of ground coffee. However, some cats will make you astonished because of their fondness for ground coffee. 

Since cats have very sensitive noses, they can be attracted to any strong odor. Moreover, cats are curious animals by nature. So, without a doubt, some cats will be very excited to discover the source of this sharply strong smell.

As a result, applying ground coffee to your garden and yard can also bring the opposite result. In that case, you have to monitor a cat’s behavior and predict a different action to drive the cat away.

Is Coffee Ground Toxic to Cats?

Caffeine in coffee is highly poisonous for cats and dogs. They are more reactive to the impact of caffeine than human beings. If a cat ingests coffee somehow, emergency treatment is required to save the animal.

Otherwise, the toxicity of caffeine can even cause death. When applying coffee to deter cats, you have to be careful whether your neighboring cats tend to lick the coffee ground. You need to stop using coffee grounds immediately in such cases.

How Do You Use Coffee Grounds to Prevent Cats’ Entry?

Let’s check out the process of applying coffee grounds to keep cats away from your home.

  • Mark some specific areas at first, such as your garden or yard, where you want to prevent cats’ entry.
  • Take used coffee grounds in your hand and sprinkle them slowly in those areas. A thin layer of used coffee is sufficient to deter cats.
  • Make sure that you have sprinkled coffee all over your target areas.
  • The smell of coffee grounds can be dull after a few days of applying. So, you need to reapply a thin layer of coffee ground to keep the smell strong.

Where to Get Used Coffee Grounds to Use As Cat Repellent?

Where to get used coffee grounds to use as cat repellent

You will need a large amount of used coffee grounds to cover a large area of your home. So, it might be challenging to manage used coffee grounds in bulk.

Many people ask – where will they get bags of used coffee grounds?

In that case, you can go to the local coffee shops where they brew KGs of the coffee ground every day. Most coffee shops throw coffee grounds into bins after brewing. So, they will happily give you used coffee grounds so that you can reuse them.

You can also gradually save used coffee grounds at home to use later as a cat repellent.

Alternatives to Using As Cat Repellents

If you cannot collect used coffee ground in bulk or are worried about the toxicity of coffee ground to cats, you can consider alternatives to use as cat repellents. 

Nowadays, you can buy cat repellent spray from any online store. They are instantly usable and particularly prepared for applying both indoors and outdoor. 

Nowadays, you can buy cat repellent spray from any online store. They are instantly usable and particularly prepared for applying both indoors and outdoor. 

Cats dislike the smell of some natural ingredients such as cayenne pepper, mustard oil, cinnamon, grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime. You can use these as natural and effective cat repellents. Some essential oils, including citrus, lavender, and citronella, are also very effective in keeping cats away from your home.

Final Thought

So, our finding is that coffee ground is quite effective in deterring cats. It is one of the common and natural ingredients to keep cats away from your home. The pungent smell of coffee is intolerable to most cats. That’s why they stay away from ground coffee. Applying used coffee grounds to your garden is also beneficial for plants. So, you will get dual advantages from a single thing. 

Take into account that caffeine in coffee is highly poisonous to cats. The toxicity is even sufficient to kill a cat. If you notice your neighboring cat licks the layer of sprinkled coffee ground, you should not use coffee as a cat repellent. Instead, you can use many other organic and non-toxic chemical repellents to get rid of annoying cats.


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