Best Cuban Coffee Maker – Reviews & Comparison Chart

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Café Cubano, also known as Cuban Coffee, is a variant of Espresso. The drink originated in the Caribbean country Cuba. Its dark look and strong taste differentiate the drink from others.

You will never want to compromise with its unforgettable flavor if you have ever tasted it. So, investing your money to buy the best Cuban coffee maker is absolutely worth it.

Cuban coffee makers are also known as Moka pots. There are tons of models of this item with different features and specifications. So, we have gone through dozens of models and enlisted the convenient ones.

Our Recommended Cuban Coffee Makers:

Bialetti – Stovetop Coffee MakerNew Arrival
Primula Stovetop EspressoStove Top
Imusa Black Espresso MakerElectric
GROSCHE Stainless Steel MakerCuban & Italian Espresso

Let’s check out the full list.

Comparison Table

ProductLiquid capacityMaterialHeating sourceSafety valveDishwashing Safe
Primula PES-33066 cupsCast aluminumStovetopYesNo
Imusa B120-600063 cupsGlassElectricYesNo
Morden MS3 cupsAluminumStovetopYesNo
GroscheGR 3279 cupsEN301 AluminumStovetopYesNo
Grosche Milano6 cupsMilano SteelStovetopYesYes
Deeoutlife Stovetop4 cups304 Stainless SteelStovetopYesYes
Rainbean Stovetop6 cupsFood-grade AluminumStovetopYesNo
AifusiStovetop3 cupsAluminumStovetopYesNo

1. Primula Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker

Primula Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker


  • Stovetop coffee maker
  • 6 cups liquid capacity
  • Heat resistant knob
  • Safety-release valve
  • Made of cast aluminum


Primula PES-3306 is a cheap Cuban coffee maker for brewing traditional Cuban and Italian coffees. It makes strong and smooth Espresso within a few minutes.

This Moka Pot is designed considering durability and proper heat distribution. Besides, it has some essential safety features.

Since it is a basic Moka pot, it is easy to use. This pot suits nearly all stovetops. Though a Cuban Espresso maker is much cheaper than an electric Espresso machine, it can provide a similar outcome quickly.

So, it is a perfect Cuban coffee pot for both home and camping.


This stovetop Espresso and coffee maker comes with 6 cups of liquid capacity. You can place this Moka pot on almost all heating equipment, including electric, ceramic, and gas stovetops.

It is made of strong cast aluminum for extreme durability. Besides, its particular design ensures appropriate heat distribution. So, you get an enhanced aroma each time.

Safety is a common concern among Moka pot users. Fortunately, it has heat resistant knob and handles to pour your drink safely. Besides, its default safety-release valve manages the water pressure.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning this coffee maker requires nothing but warm water. You have to rinse all its parts and dry them well before reassembling.

Problem You May Face

Its manufacturing material can result in slow water boiling.


  • Trouble-free usage
  • Easy and safe pouring
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Easy to clean
  • Sufficient liquid capacity


  • Its parts are not dishwasher safe
  • Slow water boiling


Its amazing features put this coffee maker among the best Cuban coffee machine. It is a good option for any user because of its compatibility and safety features.

2. Imusa Black Espresso Maker, 3-6-Cup (electric Cuban coffee Maker)

Imusa Black Espresso Maker


  • Detachable electric base
  • Transparent Container
  • 3 cups capacity
  • Button interface
  • 2-Level Safety Valve


Imusa B120-60006 is an electric Cuban coffee maker with a traditional Moka pot mechanism. It has an easy brewing monitoring facility that takes off your guesswork. Besides, an included button control offers effortless operation.

Within minutes, you can make delicious Espresso with this device in two different serving sizes. In addition, its safety features help users to avoid overflowing and accidental burns.

Moreover, this container comes with a particular shape for easy pouring and serving. Imusa Black Espresso maker can prepare various Italian, Cuban, Colombian, and Turkish coffee drinks.

So, it is undoubtedly the best electric Cuban coffee maker to add to your kitchen.


This coffee maker comes with 3 cups of liquid capacity. Its transparent container lets you check the entire brewing process.

The machine takes less than 10 minutes for each brewing. It has a replaceable filter and gasket. So, you can buy them separately if they get damaged.

Imusa has included a 2-Level safety valve to reduce the risk of explosion. They have also added a flip-up top that provides a side-pour spout.

The handle of this container is heat resistant. So, you can comfortably hold it while pouring coffee.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning it at a regular frequency will keep its performance the same. Imusa recommends cleaning it at every 80 brew cycles with soft water. However, you will need to clean it at every 40 brew cycles if you use hard water.

Only white vinegar is recommended as the cleaning ingredient for the machine. Besides, keep the electric base away from any liquid.

Problem You May Face

Many users unintentionally stir coffee inside this pot. An activity like this may lead to cracking the pitcher. So, you have to be careful during brewing.


  • Complete brewing monitoring
  • Traditional appearance
  • Simple button operation
  • Safety features
  • Ready to brew dozens of recipe


  • It requires a voltage converter for users outside the USA
  • The transparent container seems fragile


If you prefer a Cuban coffee maker with simple electric control, this item is a nice choice.

3. MORDEN MS Stovetop Espresso Maker

MORDEN MS Stovetop Espresso Maker


  • 3 cups capacity
  • High-pressure extraction
  • Made of aluminum
  • Safety valve
  • Cool-touch handle


Morden MS Stovetop Espresso percolator is a fine Cuban coffee pot with multiple impressive features. Its marvelous appearance also glamorizes your kitchen.

This Moka pot can prepare different types of Italian and Cuban traditional coffees at home, including Espresso, Americano, cappuccino, and latte.

However, making such delicious drinks with it takes less effort. This pot is compatible with multiple heating apparatuses. So, it lets you enjoy delicious coffee anywhere in the world.


This percolator comes with 3 cups of liquid capacity. Its high-pressure extraction mechanism helps to brew super-strong Espresso. You can place the pot on both the gas stove and electric range for heating. Additionally, you can use it on a camping stove too.

This Moka pot is made of durable aluminum with thermo features. So, your coffee remains warm for a long time.

It is equipped with several safety features. For instance, its cool-touch handle prevents accidental burn. Moreover, Morden has included a safety valve to release excess steam.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Morden highly suggests keeping its gasket and filtering clean for maximizing performance. In addition, they recommend using warm water for cleaning and avoiding soap at any cost.

Problem You May Face

It looks attractive due to its Teal color. But, constant heating can discolor its paint.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Compatible with any heating apparatus
  • Material with thermo features
  • Prepares multiple coffee drinks
  • Safety features


  • Risk of discoloration
  • It is not dishwasher safe

4. GROSCHE Cuban Espresso Coffee Maker

GROSCHE Cuban Espresso Coffee Maker


  • Italian Safety Valve
  • Non-Toxic Silicone Seal
  • Burn Guard Handle
  • Made of EN301 aluminum
  • 9 cups capacity


Grosche GR 327 is a popular Moka Pot with high-quality design and functionality. It comes from the birthplace of Espresso, Italy.

This pot works on nearly all types of stovetops and allows simple brewing. So, you can brew your favorite Cuban Coffee and Italian Espresso like a barista at home.

Moreover, its larger brewing capacity lets you enjoy delicious coffee with friends and family.

Grosche has included improved safety features to keep users and the Moka pot safe. Besides, its food-grade manufacturing material keeps metal toxins away from your drink.

Considering all these points, Grosche GR 327 is one of the top Cafetera Cubana on our best Cuban coffee maker list.


This traditional Cuban coffee espresso machine comes with 9 cups of liquid capacity. It is available in 5 different colors. You can place this Moka pot on almost all gas, electric, and propane camping stovetops.

Its safety valve is designed applying Italian technology for providing maximum safety against high-pressure upsurge. Besides, this pot has a larger soft-touch handle with a burn guard to keep your fingers safe.

Grosche has used EN301 food-grade anodized aluminum for the highest health safety.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Grosche recommends washing this pot by hand without any dishwasher. Otherwise, a dishwasher can discolor and spoil its beautiful finishing.

Problem You May Face

You cannot use this Moka pot on induction stoves. Besides, it will work slower on glass top stoves.


  • Italian technology
  • Advanced safety features
  • Large brewing capacity
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to disassemble and clean


  • It is not compatible with induction stoves
  • It is not dishwasher safe


This item will be a superior pick for users who want a traditional Italian Moka pot with a large brewing capacity.

5. GROSCHE Stainless Steel Stovetop Cuban Espresso Maker

GROSCHE Stainless Steel Stovetop Cuban Espresso Maker


  • 6 cups capacity
  • Milano steel series
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Italian safety valve
  • Heavy-gauge bottom


Moka pot and aluminum are deeply related. It is because aluminum is the most common manufacturing material for Moka pots around the world. However, quick heat loss is a common disadvantage of aluminum.

So, stainless steel Cuban coffee maker is in high demand because it retains heat longer than aluminum.

Let’s get introduced to Grosche Milano Cuban Espresso Maker. It is a popular Moka pot not only for its durability but also for its longer heat retention.

This pot is usable on any stovetop in the world. So, you can enjoy freshly brewed delicious Cuban and Italian coffees at home. Its certified safety features allow continuous stressless brewing.


This Cuban stovetop coffee maker has 6 cups of liquid capacity. It is made of brushed stainless steel, which makes its appearance beautiful. Because of its manufacturing material, this pot holds the temperature longer than aluminum.

It is a Grosche Milano steel series product, which is extremely durable and unbreakable. This Moka pot’s bottom and lid are also covered with premium matte speckle for sturdiness.

You can use it on a stovetop, including electric, gas, coil, induction, and camping. This pot has a heat-resistant handle for a comfortable grip and safe pouring.

Its certified safety valve is manufactured with Italian technology that releases excess steam.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike other products, Grosche Milano is very easy to clean. It is because all of its parts are dishwasher safe. So, you will need to disassemble them and wash them with a dishwasher.

Problem You May Face

Since it is made of stainless steel, it can grow limescale gradually. Therefore, you may need to wash the layer frequently with a limescale cleaner.


  • Extremely durable
  • Italian technology
  • Certified safety features
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with versatile stovetops


  • Risk of limescale growth
  • No dedicated thermo feature


It is an excellent product for users who prefer a durable Moka pot and want to avoid discoloration.

6. Deeoutlife Stovetop Espresso Shot Cuban Coffee Maker

Deeoutlife Stovetop Espresso Shot Cuban Coffee Maker


  • 4 cups capacity
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Anti-heat handle
  • Certified safety valve
  • Suitable for all stovetops


Deeoutlife Stovetop is a beautiful Moka pot with a traditional tea flux appearance. It has a thin and conical design which is far more gorgeous than traditional fatty-shaped Moka pots.

This Moka Pot is a manual percolator. But, its advanced mechanism works like an electric Espresso machine. So, it can brew the highest quality Cuban and Italian Espresso at home.

This pot has certified safety features that provide maximum physical protection. Besides, its food-grade manufacturing material keeps coffee flavor the same for a longer time. You can use it on a variety of stovetops.

In short, Deeoutlife Moka pot possess all the characteristics to be the best Cuban coffee maker.


This pot has 4 cups of liquid capacity. It is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel. Besides, its exterior is fully polished. However, the inside has a sandblasted surface.

Its conical shape and flip-open lid ensure easy pouring. The anti-heat ergonomic handle keeps your fingers safe from an accidental burn.

You can use this Moka pot on nearly all stovetops, including induction, electric, ceramic, and gas.

Its certified safety valve is made in Italy. Because of the valve’s advanced technology, it can precisely control the internal pressure and brew strong coffee.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All parts of this Moka pot are detachable. They are also dishwasher safe. So, you can use dishwashing liquid to clean the pot. But, Deeoutlife recommends washing by hand to accelerate its lifespan.

Problem You May Face

Limescale is a common issue for stainless steel products. So, you can experience them within a few weeks.


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Prepares high-quality Espresso
  • Usable on all stovetops
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safety features


  • Risk of limescale growth
  • The polished steel may get scratches over time.


It is a perfect Moka pot for both indoor and outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

A lot of technically advanced coffee machines are available in the market. But, old-style Moka pots are still popular in the age of modern technology. They brew fantastic Cuban coffee with minimal effort and cost till now.

We have analyzed every function of popular Moka pots and enlisted some items in this article. Each product on the list has unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

So, it is hard to recommend a particular one because all of these items can brew delicious Cafe Cubano within a few minutes. So, check out our best Cuban coffee maker list and decide based on your preference.


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