French Roast Coffee: A Classic Blend for Coffee Enthusiasts

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French roast is a type of darkly roasted coffee with a rich, bold flavor and intense aroma. This coffee is made by roasting the beans for more extended periods at higher temperatures than other types of coffee. As a result, the color of the beans becomes black. People who enjoy strong, bold flavors and aromas in their coffee prefer French roast.

The roast is called French roast because French coffee roasters invented the practice of roasting coffee in the 19th century. Though this roast has some variations, Volcanica French Roast Coffee Beans is the best option for anyone looking for a flavorful coffee experience. 

The finest coffee beans meet longer roasting.

Coffee Beans Meet Longer Roasting
Coffee Beans Meet Longer Roasting

French roast is darker than regular dark roast coffee because it is made by roasting the beans for longer. This process develops a rich and deep flavor associated with French roasted coffee. It takes between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the desired strength of the coffee. 

The high heat and extended roasting time give French roast coffee its distinctive flavor and richness.

Both Arabica and Robusta are commonly used in French roast coffee. However, Arabica beans are generally preferred for their superior taste and quality. The beans for French roast come from Central America, Africa, and Indonesia. These regions’ rich soil and warm climate are ideal for growing some of the finest coffee beans in the world. 

Versatile, Complex, and Delicious.

Intense and smoky-sweet flavor with a rich note is the primary characteristic of what French roast coffee is known for. Coffee lovers who appreciate bold and complex flavors and want to experience the full intensity of a dark roast enjoy French roast. 

French roast coffee can taste bitter and burnt due to its longer roasting. However, many people enjoy French roast coffee’s bold and rich flavor. There are various techniques you can use to reduce its bitterness. For instance, you should not brew French roast ground coffee longer than 5 minutes.

Besides, adding cream, sugar, and milk to your coffee and using a paper filter while brewing also reduces the bitterness of French roast. However, many coffee enthusiasts still love its bitter taste.

French roast is a variety of dark roast coffee. So, it is ideal for brewing espresso, cold brews, pour-over, and other versions of coffee that require dark roast. In short, French roast is a versatile and delicious choice for any coffee drinker.

Less acidic, but caffeinated enough.

One of the best sides of French roast is its less acidic characteristic. Along with this uniqueness, French roast coffee is rich in natural flavor, sugar, and oil, which deliver a bolder and smoother experience while drinking. 

Some evidence suggests that French roast coffee may be a good option for people with acid reflux and heartburn since it contains less acidic compounds than other types of coffee. It is easier on the stomach and digestive system, which can help to reduce symptoms like nausea, bloating, and burning sensations in the chest. 

Many people believe – French roast has high levels of caffeine. However, the truth is that it carries an average amount of caffeine, like other types of coffee. French roast is strong enough to boost energy due to its naturally occurring compounds and antioxidants.

FAQs about French Roast

What is the difference between dark roast and French roast?

When making French roast, coffee beans are roasted longer than dark roast. As a result, the coffee beans become black and spread a burnt flavor. The average roasting time to make a dark roast is 8 minutes. In contrast, coffee beans are roasted for at least 12 minutes to prepare French roast. 

Which coffee is stronger; Colombian or French roast?

If the question is asked to discover the stronger one, the French roast will be the winner. This special roast is widely known for its powerful smoky flavor. On the other hand, many coffee enthusiasts prefer Colombian coffee due to its subtle nutty flavor profile.

What are the benefits of French roast coffee?

French roast coffee is rich in antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Additionally, it is high in caffeine to improve mental alertness and cognitive function.

Can you use French roast for making espresso?

Like any coffee, French roast can be used for making espresso. But the taste might be a little different.

Final thought 

French roast coffee is a special roast due to its rich and bold flavor. Though regular dark roast delivers a strong taste, you will experience a different and complex flavor while sipping French roast coffee.

Additionally, it has many potential health benefits, such as reducing the risk of acid reflux and providing essential antioxidants. If coffee is a nightmare to you because of acidity, try French roast one and feel the difference. 


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