How Soon to Grind Coffee after Roasting?

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Genuine coffee enthusiasts know the authentic taste of coffee. Coffee reveals its fresh and pure flavor when we grind and brew instantly. So, many coffee lovers buy roasted coffee beans instead of ground and crush them using a home coffee grinder.

Now the question is; how soon to grind coffee after roasting? A common belief among experts is that you should grind them within 2 weeks.

We will know in detail from the rest of this article. Additionally, our content will cover some facts that coffee lovers should know. Keep reading and enjoy.

How Soon Should You Grind Roasted Coffee?

Fresh coffee craving is truly irresistible. The drink is a fulcrum for coffee lovers that make them happy and active. So, brewing fresh grind instead of pre-ground coffee has been a trend.

Grinding coffee beans at home is an ancient practice. But, many of us don’t know how long the flavor of the roasted coffee will last.

If you have whole bean coffee in an airtight container, it is better to grind them within 4 to 14 days from the roasting date.

This duration doesn’t mean you cannot consume the ground after that. However, it is a perfect duration for enjoying the magnificent flavor of the coffee.

How Long Does Ground Coffee Last?

How Long Does Ground Coffee Last

We know that roasted coffee beans retain their best flavor for about two weeks. But, the duration will not be the same after grinding beans or unpacking a pre-ground coffee.

Ground coffee usually starts losing flavor within an hour. The stored gases in beans are lost after grinding. Pre-ground coffee has more chance of quickly losing its quality.

You can retain the freshness of ground coffee from 1 to 2 weeks in an airtight container.

The quality of ground coffee changes due to heat, light, and moisture. So, the duration will depend on the surrounding conditions of coffee beans. You may experience a different taste of ground naturally as it gets old.

Does Ground Coffee Go Bad?

Every consuming product expires after a few days. Coffee is one of those unique beverages that usually don’t go bad. Rather, it losses the quality.

Old coffee will deliver a dull smell and a thin taste. But you can keep it in airtight containers for months. They are drinkable as long as there is no fungus on the ground.

Coffee grounds usually don’t become ineligible to drink even after going bad. But, it will provide you with no aroma and tang as fresh coffee ground.

Can Old Coffee Make You Sick?

Eating stale foods increases the chance of food poisoning. It will be foolhardy to eat any expired food intentionally. But, coffee is different than regular foods.

Ground coffee will lose its quality when it gets old. But, still, it is not harmful to drink. If you brew and drink old coffee, it will not make you sick.

Your nose will help judge if a ground coffee has really gone bad. There will be no existence of aroma and taste when the coffee becomes unpotable. Though it has been tasteless, it will not harm you.

This fact may influence you to drink old coffee for an experiment. However, we discourage to do it.

Does Unopened Ground Coffee Go Bad?

Grinding your own coffee always delivers unbeatable taste. Despite this advantage, the demand for pre-ground coffee is still high. It is because most people lack time to grind and measure coffee beans.

Moreover, it requires a separate grinder which is an additional cost. Ground coffee starts losing quality after grinding. So, many coffee lovers are curious to know how long it will take to dull the taste.

According to Folgers, their ground coffee will retain its quality until expiration. But, the opened ground will remain fresh for up to 3 weeks.

Many roaster companies claim that unopened ground coffee remains fresh for up to 5 months. When you open the pack, the flavor may last up to 4 months.

The freshness can vary depending on the bean type and preservation method. But, a common affair of pre-ground is that it will never provide solid freshness like newly ground coffee.

How Long Can You Freeze Ground Coffee?

It is a big debate if you can store ground coffee in a refrigerator. Though many people think it is gauche, there is nothing wrong with keeping ground coffee in a freezer.

In such a case, the freshness of the ground will depend on the packaging of the coffee. If the ground remains inside a vacuum-sealed pack, it will retain its freshness for up to two years.

On the other hand, ordinary packaging, even an airtight container, will not keep the flavor for more than six months. Most manufacturers sell their coffee grounds in aluminum and polyethylene packs.

These packaging materials ensure the highest ground protection from moisture, UV rays, air, and other impedances.

So, you can surely store them in a freezer up to the recommended duration without ruining the quality of the ground.

How To Store Ground Coffee Once Opened?

How To Store Ground Coffee Once Opened

There is no worry with unopened ground coffee till the expiration date. But, if you tear the packaging, it should be a matter of concern. You must preserve opened coffee properly to keep the pure aroma.

Here are some tips for storing opened ground coffee:

  • In the case of coffee, you should avoid bulk orders. Since you cannot consume it all within a short time, the taste will gradually faint. Buying coffee for a week instead of a month will be excellent.
  • Store your coffee in an airtight container all the time. Plastic containers are awful for keeping coffee powder. The best option is to use a ceramic or a metal container with no ventilation.
  • Store your coffee in a dark place because light and heat are bad for ground coffee. Both of them ruin the quality of coffee gradually.
  • Brew newly ground coffee and store the rest in a freezer. Use an airtight container while putting them in the refrigerator.

Final Words

It needs no further discussion that the earlier you grind roasted beans, the better. Coffee is a very sensitive grain that is widely popular only for its refreshing flavor. Since aroma is the prime property of coffee, you should not sacrifice it at any cost.

In general, it does not become completely inedible. But time will surely ruin its freshness. Proper preservation is also important to keep the freshness the same for a long time.


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