How to Filter Cold Brew Coffee? Easiest Way!

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Unlike other variants of coffee drinks, cold brew coffee has an easier but different making process. Its ground is steeped in water at average temperature instead of boiling. It sounds as easy as pie, but the only troublesome thing about cold brew coffee is the filtration. Separating the slush is extremely crucial to ensure the perfect taste of cold brew coffee.

You can use a variety of appliances to filter cold brew coffee. But, a fine mesh coffee filter will provide the best outcome since it is specifically designed for this job. Besides, you can use cheesecloth or French press as a filter for a similar result.

In this article, we will describe how you can filter cold brew coffee. Let’s go through it.

Why do you need to filter cold brew coffee?

If you think we are talking about making and filtering cold coffee, you made a mistake. We are discussing cold brew coffee instead. It is a very different thing from regular cold coffee.

Cold coffee requires the coffee grind to be completely dissolved in warm water. As a result, you find no muck of coffee at the bottom of the glass.

Conversely, cold brew coffee is steeped in water at normal room temperature. Instead of brewing coffee ground in warm water, you need to soak the coffee grind in normal water for 12 to 18 hours for brewing to make it. Therefore, the grind stays undissolved and creates visible sludge under the jar.

If you don’t filter the cold brew coffee, you will experience the muddy feel of the grind. So, filtration is crucial to make cold brew coffee. Otherwise, it will ruin the taste of your coffee.

What can you use for filtering Cold Brew Coffee?

Since we have understood the importance of filtering cold brew coffee, it’s time to know more about the filter. You can use a variety of things as a filter like the following.

Paper Filter

Paper filters are widely available and very effective. It is a good option if you want to avoid unwanted smells and tang from the coffee. They are effortless to use, but they are made for single use only. It can be costly if you use it to filter cold-brew coffee regularly.


Cheesecloth is a perfect option if you are looking for something reusable and environmentally friendly. This cloth comes with superfine pores that will help you get a fresh and smooth brew. Besides, cheesecloth is low-priced.

Fine Mesh Filter

A fine mesh filter is an exact tool for filtering various coffee. It is stainless steel and has very fine pores to filter mucks from coffee. In general, fine mesh filters are offered with cold brew coffee makers. Besides, they are also sold separately. People love using it because of its longevity and ease of cleaning.

Coffee Pouch

A coffee pouch is a similar thing to a teabag. Some manufacturers sell special blends for making cold brew coffee in the form of a coffee pouch. Since they are ready-made, there is nothing to grind and measure while making cold brew coffee.

All you have to do is, keep the pouch in the suggested amount of water and let it brew for at least 12 hours. Remove the pouch when the steeping is complete. Though it is much easier to use, people who prefer newly ground coffee may not like this.

French press

You can use it similarly to a cold brew coffee maker if you own a French press. Because it already has a built-in mesh filter already. First, you need to confirm if the filter can trap fine particles of coffee ground. If the pores are a little large, you can combine a paper filter or cheesecloth with the French press.

Best Way to Filter Cold Brew Coffee

Making and filtering cold brew coffee is not that complex. However, it varies depending on what you have used as a filter.

French press is one of the best things to filter cold brew coffee. Besides, it gives out a better smell and caffeine into the water. When the steeping is done, press the plunger of your French press gently until it reaches the bottom. Now, pour the coffee carefully into another jar.

Cheesecloth is another excellent filter for cold brew coffee. After the long steeping, cover the jar’s lip with cheesecloth and wrap the remaining part around the jar neck. You can use a rubber band to keep the cloth in place. Now, pour the coffee into another pot to enjoy.

Though these are good options, we recommend using a fine mesh coffee filter to split coffee ground’s sludge. If you own a cold brew coffee pitcher, the filtration using the fine mesh coffee filter will be easier than you think. After steeping the coffee ground, take up the filter to remove all mucks.

You can buy a funnel-shaped fine mesh coffee filter separately if you don’t have a cold brew coffee pitcher. Set the filter on another jar and pour your cold brew coffee through it.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee?

Filtration is an essential step in making cold brew coffee. Since we will learn how to filter cold brew coffee, we should first know how to make it. You can make this delicious coffee effortlessly by following these steps.

Things you will need:

  • Coffee ground
  • A mason jar
  • Water at room temperature
  • A filter [whichever you prefer]
  • Ice and milk

Step 1:

Put the ground coffee in your mason jar and pour the recommended amount of water into it. Blend them well using a spoon.

Step 2:

Put the jar lid on nicely and keep the mixture for at least 12 hours at room temperature.

Step 3:

Take another pot and a filter to split up your coffee when the steeping is done. Pour the mixture through the filter into the pot so that the muddy substances of the coffee ground remain separate.

Step 4:

Finally, mix the coffee with ice and milk to enjoy.

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Final Thoughts

In the case of cold coffee, the coffee grind becomes diluted easily. But, it doesn’t happen when you make a cold brew because it is steeped at a normal temperature. That is why sludge remains at the bottom of the jar, which may ruin the taste of cold brew coffee. Now you know how to filter and make cold brew coffee. So start making your next cold brew coffee and enjoy….


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