Where Does Arabica Coffee Come from?

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Arabica coffee dominates about 60% of total coffee bean production in the world. So, you have a big chance of drinking a cup of Arabica somehow in your life. It is also known as Arabian coffee, which is globally popular for its well-balanced quality.

The name Arabica can confuse coffee drinkers about the origin of the bean. People with no idea about its birthplace may think it comes from Middle Eastern countries. But, the origin of Coffea Arabica is Africa.

Where does Arabica coffee come from? Read this article to learn about its birthplace and more interesting facts about this bean.

Arabica coffee origin

The origin of Arabica coffee is in Ethiopia. This is how the journey of coffee begins. So, Ethiopia is also called the birthplace of coffee.

This country has ideal tropical climates to grow Arabica beans. So, coffee could be the most successful grain in Ethiopia. But, unfortunately, they have lost their golden age due to the lack of commercial foresight.

At present, the Arabica coffee bean is rare to find in Ethiopia.

Why is it called Arabica coffee?

Why is it called Arabica coffee

The species were first found in Ethiopia. But, the bean is called Arabica coffee. Here is the question; is Arabica coffee Arabian?

The bean is called Arabica because Ethiopians didn’t know how to brew coffee. They consumed coffee beans in different ways. An Ethiopian tribe called Oromo crushed coffee beans and mixed them with fat to eat.

In the 7th century, coffee beans were brought to lower Arabian countries from Ethiopia. Arabian people recognized coffee as a drink. They brewed and drank coffee rather than direct consumption.

This is how a revolutionary beverage was born. Arabs greatly influence the cultivation, allocation, and brewing method of coffee. Due to these efforts of Arabs, the bean is named Arabica coffee.

Where Is the Best Arabica Coffee Grown?

Though Arabica coffee was discovered in Ethiopia, they were cultivated in Yemen and lower Arabia for the first time. This is a major reason for calling it Arabica.

The popularity of this bean starts spreading to other countries gradually. At present, Guatemala, Colombia, and Brazil are involved in the huge production of Arabica beans. Among them, Brazil is a notable place for the largest Arabica production.

Arabica beans are also found and cultivated in Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, etc.

Pre-ground companies like Folgers coffee mostly supply Arabica ground to consumers.

Is Arabica coffee healthy?

All kinds of coffee are healthy without harmful additives. If you ask particularly about Arabica, it is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. Arabica dark roast is excellent for limiting caffeine dependence.

Arabica ground is rich in essential anti-oxidant compounds. It helps to keep the glucose level balanced in your body. Moreover, this coffee provides crucial vitamins and minerals.

Pure Arabica ground has zero calories that assist in effective weight loss. The caffeine content in this bean, including acid and caffeine is well adjusted. So, overall Arabica coffee is very healthy for anyone.

What Is So Special about Arabica Coffee?

What is so special about Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee is widely popular for its balanced taste and flavor. It is neither bitter nor harsh. Rather, the taste of this ground is smoother and sweeter, which provides a calm mouthfeel.

The taste is better than other species of coffee due to the higher amount of lipids and sugar in it. People prefer Arabica because it suits their taste buds. That’s why Arabica is the world’s most popular coffee.

Does Arabic coffee contain caffeine?

Arabica coffee contains caffeine like other species. But, the volume of caffeine in it is lower. A 6 ounces cup of drip-brewed Arabica contains about 75 to 130 mg of caffeine content. In the case of decaffeinated Arabica, a 6 ounces cup of coffee usually carries 3 to 6 mg of caffeine.

Along with the glorious taste, the caffeine content in Arabica beans is tolerable for most coffee drinkers. So, this coffee is safe for people who want to get rid of caffeine dependency.

How is Arabic coffee made?

Arabica is popular for its spicy taste and beautiful aroma. The bean is roasted in different ways. Pre-ground packed Arabica is usually available in a medium roast. Moreover, dark and light roasted Arabica is also common in stores.

Arabica is popular for its spicy taste and beautiful aroma. The bean is roasted in different ways. Pre-ground packed Arabica is usually available in a medium roast. Moreover, dark and light roasted Arabica is also common in stores.

Arabica ground is often brewed traditionally by adding aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, and saffron. The drink is usually served with no sugar. But, people with sweet tooth prefer adding sweeteners to enhance the tang.

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Difference between Arabica and Colombian

Colombian bean is a variant of Arabica coffee. Both coffees come from the same plant. But, Colombian beans are grown specifically in Colombia. The geographical difference impacts the plant’s size and taste.

The country has the ideal soil, climate, and accurate rainfall to grow this particular bean. Colombian coffee is smoother, richer, and sweeter than other species. Moreover, they go through a longer roasting process that lessens their caffeine and acidic content.

Difference between Arabica and Robusta

If Arabica is the champion of coffee, Robusta is the first runner-up for sure. Both of these coffee beans dominate the coffee industry. Robusta is another authentic species of coffee. It has a stronger and bitter taste. Besides, Robusta is rich in caffeine.

Arabica coffee grows well in hilly areas. On the other hand, Robusta is grown in African and South Asian countries because the species grow best at sea level.

Is Folgers Coffee Arabica or Robusta?

Folgers is the best-selling coffee brand in the USA. It is so popular because of its consistent taste and quality. Folgers ground is actually a great combination of medium-roasted Robusta and Arabica.

The perfect ratio of both beans delivers excellent combined taste which coffee enthusiasts prefer.

Final words

So, we knew about the origin of Arabica coffee. The most interesting fact about this species is that it is called Arabica rather than Ethiopian. The credit goes to Arabs since they introduced it as a drink.

Arabica coffee is well balanced in every aspect. Most people favor the taste and flavor of this bean. Therefore, Arabica is known as the best bean among all coffee species.


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