Where Does Folgers Coffee Come From?

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Folgers is one of the largest pre-ground coffee companies in the world. The company is not directly involved in bean cultivation. But, they supply the highest amount of ground coffee in the USA.

How do they get this huge amount of coffee? Folgers have no farming land to grow coffee beans. They source coffee beans from different countries in the world. In this post, we will discuss where they collect coffee beans from.

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Where Do Folgers Get Their Coffee?

Folgers collect coffee beans from many places. Their major sourcing points are Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and North America.

The company also sources coffee beans from some particular areas of Ethiopia and Mexico. But, why do they follow this policy?

According to Folgers, they have a vision of improving farmers’ lives. They collect beans directly from farmers who have been growing coffee for generations.

They believe this sourcing policy ensures a great revelation of human rights.

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Who Owns Folgers Coffee?

At present, Folgers is a subsidiary company of Procter & Gamble, also known as P&G. Folgers was established in 1850 in San Francisco, California. J. A. Folger, an American businessman, founded Folgers.

The company started its journey as J.A. Folger & Co. It has gone through many ups and downs in its passage.

In 1963, P&G obtained Folgers. They also replaced the apostrophe from the old name of this company. After the renaming, the brand is promoted as Folgers instead of Folger’s. Their current headquarters building is in 101 Howard St., San Francisco, California, USA.

Is Folgers Still Mountain-Grown?

Folgers never mentioned if their beans are grown in the mountains. Besides, they source beans from multiple places rather than a single spot. This might be a business policy of the company to hide the specific region.

But, if you notice the bean type, you can get an idea about those locations. Folgers combine both Robusta and Arabica beans to prepare their ground coffee.

Robusta beans require lower altitudes to grow. That’s why this bean sprouts well in the horizontal regions of Africa, Indonesia, and India.

Arabica, on the other hand, requires higher altitudes to grow. For this reason, the bean grows well in the tropical regions of Africa and Latin America.

Folgers sources coffee beans from the best growing spots like these. So some beans of Folgers are still mountain-grown undoubtedly.

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Is Folgers Coffee Grown In The USA?

Folgers collects some of the coffee beans grown in Central America. Countries in this region, including Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, and El Salvador produce high-quality coffee beans.

Folgers have been directly sourcing beans from farmers of these countries for years. These Central American countries have perfect weather, high altitudes, volcanic soil, and accurate rainfall to grow excellent Arabica beans.

So, this is a prime place for Folgers to collect high-quality coffee beans.

What Types Of Coffee Do Folgers Have?

Folgers is one of the giant brands in the coffee ground industry. Its pre-ground coffee has a lot of variety. We have listed all Folgers coffees available in both stores and online.

Folgers Coffee TypesProduct Name
Regular ground coffeeFolgers Classic Roast
Special ground coffeeFolgers Black Silk
Folgers Blonde Silk
Folgers Special Roast
Folgers 100% Colombian
Folgers Breakfast Blend
Folgers Coffeehouse Blend
Folgers Country Roast
Folgers French Roast
Folgers Gourmet Supreme
Folgers House Blend
Decaffeinated ground coffeeFolgers 1/2 Caff
Folgers Classic Decaf
Folgers Black Silk Decaf
Noir ground coffeeFolgers Noir Rich Satin
Folgers Noir Smoky Midnight
Folgers Noir True Dark
Smooth ground coffeeFolgers Simply Smooth
Folgers Simply Smooth Decaf
Artificially flavored ground coffeesFolgers French Vanilla Flavored
Folgers Hazelnut Flavored
Folgers Hazelnut Flavored Decaf
Instant ground coffeesFolgers Golden Dusk
Folgers Golden Dusk Sticks
Folgers Classic Roast Instant
Folgers Classic Decaf Instant
Folgers French Vanilla Flavored Cappuccino Mix
Folgers Mocha Chocolate Flavored Cappuccino Mix

What Kind Of Coffee Beans Does Folgers Use?

Folgers use both Robusta and Arabica beans to prepare their ground. They have many roast varieties such as mild, medium, med-dark and dark.

Folgers classic roast is a blend of medium-roasted Robusta and Arabica. This is a very popular ground that delivers a combined flavor of both beans.

The brand also has some single bean ground along with a blend. For example, Folgers Noir®’s ground is prepared from 100% Arabica beans.

Besides, Folgers Colombian contains 100% Colombian bean, an improved variant of Arabica.

Does Folgers Colombian Coffee Come From Colombia?

Folgers has a few grounds made of unique beans. Folgers Colombian is one of them, produced from 100% Colombian medium roasted bean. This particular bean is a high-quality variant of Arabica.

This species grows well in the tropical areas of Colombia. The country has an ideal climate to grow this bean perfectly. Folgers collect them to prepare both blended ground and single bean ground.

Is Folgers Colombian Arabica?

Folgers Colombian is 100% Arabica. This bean is popular for its balanced taste and flavor. It is a premium-grade bean that is lighter and sweeter than the Robusta. Moreover, it delivers a unique chocolaty flavor.

These Folgers coffees are sold in canisters, K-cup pods, and single-serve packets.

Do Folgers Sell Coffee Beans?

Though ground coffee is their primary product, Folgers also sell roasted whole beans. Folgers Traditional roast and Folgers Classic roast whole beans are sold in stores and online.

The company has years of experience in coffee bean roasting. So, people who grind beans before brewing will enjoy the fresh flavor of Folgers whole beans.

Where Is Folgers Coffee Roasted?

According to Folgers, they roast coffee beans in New Orleans, Louisiana. Except for this, no other places are mentioned on their website.

Is Folgers Coffee Real Coffee?

Folgers sells 100% genuine coffee. They collect Arabica and Robusta beans from many countries and roast them to prepare the final product. Though some ground of Folgers is artificially flavored, the beans are real. So, there is nothing doubtful in their product quality.

Final Thought

We knew a lot about Folgers coffee, particularly their bean collection process. It is admirable how hard they work to collect and roast beans for consumers like us.

Folgers also believe in equality. That’s why they collect beans from around the world rather than a specified location. Thus, they have been leaving a positive footprint in the coffee industry for years. I hope now you know where Folgers coffee comes from.



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