What Does Bold Mean on a Coffee Maker?

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Modern coffee machines are built including various user-friendly features. They have separate buttons like Bold for simple operations. It is a dedicated option in the latest coffee makers.

But, what does Bold mean on a coffee maker and how to use it? The question may come from someone who has never tried a bold coffee. It is a particular feature of coffee machines to make bold coffee with a single press.

The quick way to set up bold setting is: Plugin your coffee machine and switch it on. Then press the Bold button without going to other settings. The brewing cycle will start accordingly.

We will discuss the feature and how you can use it to brew bolder coffee at home. Let’s go ahead.

What Does the Bold Setting on a Coffee Maker Do?

Bold Setting on a Coffee Maker

Bold coffee contains a rich sensation and higher acidity. Many people like this vigorous flavor. So, big brands like Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, and Breville build their coffee machines including the bold settings.

But, what does the bold setting on coffee maker actually do?

Bold is a particular command for a coffee machine. It extends the brewing cycle to ensure a stronger taste of the coffee.

When the bold button is pressed, the machine prolongs the hot water retention in the brewing chamber. The delay ensures extensive extraction of flavor.

Bold brewing takes longer than regular brewing. Thus, it provides you with the desired brew strength.

How Does the Bold Setting on the Coffee Maker Work?

It is clear to us what the bold setting is. But, understanding the working process of bold setting in detail will be phenomenal.

A coffee machine heats the water and passes it through the ground coffee tamped in a filter. But, what does the bold button do?

Well, the bold setting exactly does its job right there.

Bold is a brew strength feature of a coffee machine. It enhances the contact time of water and ground in the brewing cycle. Thus, the feature results in better ground liquefaction and great flavor extraction.

In short, this is the accurate procedure of how a bold button on a coffee maker brews bolder coffee.

Moreover, note that the bold setting is relevant to increasing the flavor strength. It doesn’t alter the temperature of the water.

Fortunately, coffee machine manufacturers have made bold brewing easier by including a separate button. You just have to press it to get super aromatic coffee effortlessly.

Bold vs. Regular Coffee

Coffee lovers often become confused due to dozens of coffee variants. You might have heard about different names such as regular, bold, and strong coffee. Each of the variants is different in several aspects.

These dissimilarities will raise many questions in your mind about their exceptionality. For example, is bold coffee stronger?

Yes, it is. Bold coffee has more caffeine content along with a stronger taste. But, this is not the only difference between regular and bold coffee.

A user brews regular coffee according to their preference of strength. You can prepare a cup of regular coffee with or without mixing milk and sugar. Even instant coffee can be a variant of regular coffee. So, regular coffee is also called black coffee in other localities in the USA.

However, people love bold coffee because of its smoky and unique aroma. A prolonged exaction causes a strong wooden flavor in bold coffee.

Making regular coffee will require no particular roast. It is because the roast will depend on the preference of a coffee drinker.

On the other hand, bold coffee is prepared with dark roasts in general. As a result, dark roast releases a rich and smoky flavor, which is a typical feature of bold coffee.

Regular coffee will leave a creamy aftertaste. However, bold coffee will provide you with a rich aftertaste.

The preparation time of regular and bold coffee is also distinct. You can easily notice the difference in brewing times while making regular and bold coffee using a coffee machine.

Regular coffee will take three and five minutes on average for brewing. However, it will prolong the brewing cycle if you press the bold button.

To sum up, regular and bold coffee have many dissimilarities. Some of them are very subtle to the eye. But, the unique flavor and unalike brewing duration are easily noticeable.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Bold Button

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Bold Button

Cuisinart is a prominent brand to manufacture modern coffee devices. They have many coffee machine models with bold buttons.

When you press the bold button, the machine will hold hot water in the brewing unit longer. Hence, the ground goes through an intense extraction and provides robust flavor.

How to use Cuisinart bold setting:

It will be easier to understand if you already use a coffee machine at home. We are sharing the entire process in short nevertheless.

  1. Measure your favorite ground coffee and put it into the filter.
  2. Fill the water reservoir with a sufficient amount of water.
  3. Plugin your Cuisinart coffee machine and switch it on.
  4. Press the Bold button without going to other settings.
  5. The brewing cycle will start and take longer than usual.

These steps are applicable for almost all Cuisinart coffee machines with bold buttons. However, the amount of ground and water will depend on the serving size.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Bold Setting

Hamilton Beach is another leading coffee machine manufacturer in the world. They build outstanding coffee devices including modern technologies.

You will notice a separate bold button or a bold option in the brewing strength on the Hamilton Beach machines’ screen. After pressing the button or choosing the option, your machine will start brewing bold coffee.

Note that bold brewing will take longer similarly in the case of other coffee makers with the same feature.

How to use Hamilton Beach bold setting:

The process of using the bold feature is the same as the previous coffee machine brand. However, we are covering the steps in short.

  1. Take coffee ground according to your desired serving size.
  2. Pour adequate fresh water into the reservoir.
  3. Connect the Hamilton Beach coffee maker with an electric socket and turn it on.
  4. Press the bold button or choose the bold strength option from the screen.
  5. The bold brewing will start accordingly.

The steps of using bold brewing are similar to any Hamilton Beach coffee machine. Only the quantity of water and ground will vary based on the serving size.

Final Words

So, what does Bold mean on a coffee maker? We believe you already know the answer in detail. Besides, the mechanism of the bold setting has been discussed to clarify the feature.

When the Bold button is pressed, the machine works differently. It delays the brewing cycle for more flavor extraction. Thus, the taste of regular and bold coffee differs.


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