Chemex Square vs. Circle Filters – Which One Should You Use?

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You must have heard about Chemex if you are a drip coffee enthusiast. Along with manufacturing drip coffee makers, the brand has been producing coffee filters since 1941. A noticeable thing about Chemex filters is that they come in two different shapes – square and circle. So, what are the reasons behind the circle and square shape?

There are no differences at all except in their looks. The difference in shape even doesn’t alter the outcome.

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Chemex Square vs. Circle Filters: What Is the Difference?

Difference between Chemex square and circle filters

Square and circle Chemex filters have no notable distinctions apart from their appearances. Here is a short description of both products.

Chemex Square Filter:

Square filters are easily distinguishable from circles because of their spiky edges. Those edges not only create a unique look but also help to hold filters after using them. People who want to keep their fingers away from wet ground prefer square filters. The only drawback of square filters is the difficulty pouring hot water through them. 

Chemex Circle Filter:

Circle filters are also distinguishable from squares due to their flat rim edges. This filter looks better on a dripper. So, people with beautiful appearance enthusiasm mostly prefer circle filters. Chemex circle filter has a variation called Chemex half-moon filters. But, it fits on a few certain dripper models. The only disadvantage of circle filters is that your fingers may touch the damp ground during removal.

Which Chemex Filter Is the Best?

The performance and manufacturing process of both filters are the same. They will equally provide you with excellent filtration during the pour-over brewing. As a result, you cannot put one over the other since they have no qualitative differences. 

Circle filters look good on the Chemex dripper and let you pour water easily. On the other hand, Square filters have a spiky look and let you hold them without contacting the wet ground. So, the best one is that you are comfortable using it.

Does a Filter’s Shape Change the Taste of Coffee?

The variation of Chemex filters’ shapes has nothing to do with the taste of coffee. They are made of the same materials and go through similar manufacturing standards. So, the idea is nothing but a myth about Chemex coffee filter

Why Are Chemex Filters So Special?

Why are Chemex filters so special

Chemex drip coffee filters are widely renowned because of their outstanding product quality. Chemex claims that its filters are 20 to 30% thicker than other brands in the market. To make these heavier pour-over filters, Chemex uses laboratory-grade filter papers. 

The material’s special feature is its ability to separate unwanted tiny pieces from coffee. So, you can enjoy fresh and aromatic coffee without excessive oils and bitterness.

Is It Okay to Use Regular Filters in a Chemex Brewer?

Technically, you can use any paper filter that fits in a Chemex brewer. But, you shouldn’t expect the same outcome. It is the fact that keeps Chemex filters ahead of other brands.

We have already come to know about the extra thickness of Chemex filters. It is a big secret behind the high-quality pour-over coffee produced by Chemex brewers. In most cases, using below-standard filters instead of Chemex will produce bitter and papery tasteful coffee.

How Long Does It Take to Drain Water Through Chemex Filters?

The accurate time of draining water through Chemex filters is hard to say. But, a Chemex filter filled with ground usually takes 45 seconds to pass water through. Remember that Chemex filters are thicker than average drip filters. So, it may take longer to drain water.

Which Grind Is the Best for Chemex Filters?

For having the best extraction in a pour-over brewer, the medium-coarse grind will be the best for Chemex filters. Its size is neither so small nor too big. This grind is ideal for use in other drip coffee filters too. 

Chemex White vs. Brown Filters: What Is the Difference?

Chemex white vs brown

Chemex coffee filters come in two different colors, including white and brown. A brown filter means that it is unbleached. So, it still has the organic color and smell of paper. In contrast, a white filter is bleached. That’s why it becomes fully white with no papery smell. 

It might be a question – which one is better? The brown vs. white coffee filter article will give you an accurate answer.

Final words

Finally, we are at the end of the Chemex square vs. circle filters debate. Both products get equal scores from us because of having no major distinction. So, we cannot consider one the best. 

As a drip coffee lover, you must admire the quality of Chemex filters. To provide you with the richest flavor of pour-over coffee, Chemex produces them with the highest-grade materials in the industry. Chemex filters allow the best filtration, whether a circle or square. It is an unforgettable experience for drip coffee enthusiasts. 


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