Does Iced Coffee Keep You Awake?

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We are already familiar with numerous traditional facts about hot coffee. Are you feeling dizzy or sleepy right this moment? Drinking a cup of hot coffee is the instant remedy.

Even coffee brands promote diverse benefits of hot coffee. Iced coffee is becoming popular gradually worldwide though it is more expensive than regular coffee. Now the question is, would iced coffee be equally helpful in keeping you awake?

Many regular coffee drinkers have experienced that iced coffee is similarly effective in keeping you awake. Moreover, iced coffee provides some surprising health benefits over a hot coffee.

This article will share whether iced coffee is competent for keeping you awake and the health benefits of drinking it regularly.

Does Iced coffee Keep You Awake Like Hot Coffee?

Caffeine is a natural substance that is present in all types of coffee. It keeps our brain cells alert. So, we feel refreshed and active. Since iced coffee is rich in caffeine, it also helps you stay awake.

The effect of caffeine takes place within 30 to 60 minutes after consumption. Caffeine restricts molecules in our brains that are directly connected to our sleeping function.

Generally, taking 400 mg of caffeine on average per day is tolerable for most healthy adults. Iced coffee is well-known to have less caffeine than hot coffee. 100g of iced coffee contains 40mg of caffeine. This amount of caffeine is sufficient to keep you awake for up to 3 hours.

The amount of caffeine depends on the roast and brewing method. Besides, the effect of caffeine will not be the same for everyone. So, drinking one to three cups of iced coffee per day seems fine and won’t interrupt deep sleep.

What happens when you drink too much-iced coffee?

Drinking iced coffee is completely fine. But, taking it at a moderate level is recommended. We have already mentioned that drinking one to three cups a day won’t bother your sleep patterns

If you drink too much ice coffee, you can experience several physical complications, including jitters, fatigue, headache, and dizziness. In addition, over-drinking iced coffee can expand your anxiety and make you feel unhappy.

Over-dose of caffeine can cause nausea and insomnia. Besides, the added sugar in iced coffee can harm your teeth and increase blood sugar levels.

Though iced coffee is an excellent mood booster, over-drinking will harm rather than benefit you.

Is it okay to drink iced coffee every day?

Iced coffee is a healthy beverage. Even drinking three to five cups of iced coffee a day is acceptable by the federal dietary guideline of the USA. Though regularly drinking iced coffee is healthy, you need to consider your caffeine tolerance ability.

Is ice coffee addictive?

A common myth about coffee is, it is addictive. But, science says the opposite. Caffeine is an energizer for our central nervous system. So, a sudden break of caffeine consumption can make you feel bad for a short while. However, caffeine doesn’t grow a drug-seeking addiction like harmful addictive drugs. Though caffeine can develop a short-term dependency, it is not addictive. So, you can drink iced coffee without hesitation.

Health Benefits of Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is not only good to keep you awake, but it also has impressive health benefits. We are sharing some of them here.

Improves Your Focus

Iced coffee is a great nervous system booster. When you drink it, your brain cells become alert due to the presence of caffeine. As a result, you can concentrate on your work better. Iced coffee is very helpful for improving your mental clarity.

Helps to Lose Weight

A good metabolic rate is crucial for weight loss. Unfortunately, most people suffer from a slow metabolism and can’t lose body weight. Surprisingly, caffeine can enhance your metabolic rate by up to 11%. So, along with physical exercise and a healthy diet, iced coffee is a wonderful ingredient to fight against obesity.

Reduces The Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

It is found in several studies that caffeine has a positive impact on insulin function. Caffeine is involved in controlling the blood sugar level. It also assists in decreasing harmful protein deposits in diabetic patients.

So, people with Type-2 diabetes should be habituated to drinking two to four cups of coffee without sugar every day. You can use stevia in iced coffee instead of harmful sweeteners.

It Contains Antioxidants

Iced coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants. You will find infrequent antioxidants like chlorogenic acid in coffee. It contains many valuable substances that protect our cardiovascular system. Besides, some ingredients in coffee prevent cell damage and inflammation.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Caffeic acid in iced coffee is a particular antioxidant that helps prevent the early aging of cells. It carries some antimicrobial properties that safeguard our skins from germs and bacteria. Undoubtedly, iced coffee is a very beneficial beverage for healthy skin.

Ensures Better Sexual Health

Iced coffee is a favorite drink of many people in summer. Due to the presence of antioxidants, iced coffee influences better blood flow which is very important for substantial erection. Besides, drinking iced coffee improves your mood that is a major obligation for healthy sexuality.

Watch this video to have an idea about the difference between Hot vs. Cold Brewed Coffee.

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By now, you already know that iced coffee contains a sufficient amount of caffeine that can keep you awake. Besides, it has many health benefits, including immune system improvement and disease prevention. Drinking moderate quantities of iced coffee is very healthy.

But, you need to avoid overdrinking at any cost. If you have insomnia, you have to be particularly careful about caffeine consumption. Iced coffee is an excellent beverage overall. Since sleeping is essential for our body, you should not drink it too late in the day.

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