Best Dosing Cup: Why Does It Necessary for Tamping?

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Freshly ground coffee is a dream for any espresso lover. But, losing a little portion of ground coffee while dosing is still a common concern of most home baristas. A coffee dosing cup is an excellent espresso tool to reduce the waste of precious ground coffee.

Among a ton of varieties, we have found the Crema 54mm for Breville, Normcore 53.3mm, and Rhino 58mm to be the best dosing cup at present. There are some other high-quality dosing cups similar to these models as well.

In this post, we have enlisted them and described their unique features so that you can find your desired one. Let’s check them out.

Is a coffee dosing cup necessary?

It is not an obligatory tool for dosing. But it is an excellent product for a clean and precise dosing experience. A coffee dosing cup also reduces ground coffee waste when transferring it to the portafilter.

How do I know which espresso dosing cup is the best for me?

Before choosing one, always match a dosing cup’s diameter with the diameter of your portafilter or coffee grinder cup holder. Otherwise, you cannot use it.

Best Espresso Machines Dosing Cup

1. Crema 54mm Dosing Cup

Crema 54mm Dosing Cup
Crema coffee products

Crema 54mm dosing cup is designed to work with Breville’s grinders and portafilters. It readily fits in Breville’s Barista Express grinding handle and keeps your machine and drip tray clean.

You can use it for effortless weighing of coffee beans and ground. Thus, you can enjoy a clean transfer of ground coffee from the grinder to the portafilter with no waste.

The cup has a built-in grinder activating tab for quick pushing and grinding facility. So, you get a hands-free dosing experience with grinders and espresso machines like Breville Barista Express, Barista Touch, and Barista Pro. The dosing cup is also usable with most stand-alone coffee grinders.

This dosing cup has three color variations: brushed stainless, black and white. Each color looks captivating to users. Its premium stainless steel construction has made it long-lasting and easy to clean.

Downsides of Crema 54mm dosing cup:

This 54mm dosing cup is compatible with some fixed models since it doesn’t have size variations.

2. Normcore 53.3mm Portafilter Dosing Cup

Normcore Portafilter Dosing Cup
Normcore Dosing Cup

Normcore 53.3mm and 58mm dosing cups are specially developed for Breville’s portafilters and Barista Express espresso machines. They are also compatible with Sage Barista Express, Barista Pro, Barista Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser, and Duo-Temp Pro.

Its activating tab works fine with the above espresso machines and grinders. That’s why you can instantly push the cup into a machine’s dosing cup holder and grind coffee beans. This cup’s double lips are designed to hang directly on the coffee machines. However, you can use it for stand-alone coffee grinders as well.

The cup features single-dosing precision. So, you can measure coffee beans and distribute grounds in the portafilter quickly.

It is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel with matte black non-stick coating. Along with being long-lasting, it will deliver fresh espresso grind every day. The material is dishwasher safe. So, cleaning it will not be a big challenge.

This dosing cup has size variations. So, you can pick the appropriate one according to your portafilter’s diameter.

Downsides of Normcore dosing cups:

Normcore dosing cup seems overpriced compared with other similar dosing pots in the market.

3. Rhino 58mm Espresso Dosing Cup

Rhino 58mm Espresso Dosing Cup
Rhino Dosing Cup

Rhino 58mm espresso dosing cup is well known for its durability since it is made of brushed stainless steel. Its durability will increase your workflow as a home barista. The convenient design ensures that ground coffee drops straight into your portafilter.

This dosing cup has a larger capacity of containing 50 grams of coffee beans or ground. So, you can grind and dose more coffee at once. It is a perfect fit for any 58mm portafilters, generally used for commercial intentions. Along with most modern grinders, this dosing cup suits most lever arm grinders with the stated diameters.

Its wider rim is quite practical for directly hanging it on a coffee grinder. Also, you can use the dosing cup with most stand-alone grinders. Due to the enduring material, you can wash it with regular dishwashing liquids.

Downsides of Rhino 58mm espresso dosing cup:

Rhino dosing cup is a fixed-size dosing cup and has no size variation. Besides, the cup has no grinder activating tab, a common feature of modern dosing cups.

4. Dengofng 58mm Coffee Dosing Cup

58mm Coffee Dosing Cup
58mm Dosing Cup

Dengofng 58mm coffee dosing cup has superb craftsmanship with two color variations; black and silver. This coffee dosing cup is ideal for those who enjoy having good-looking and quality espresso accessories.

Its food-grade stainless steel construction ensures fantastic durability. Besides, the cup delivers fresh coffee grounds with no metallic smell each time. You can clean it easily, which makes it a great choice for users looking for a trouble-free coffee brewing experience.

This coffee dosing cup goes well with any 58mm coffee tamper and portafilter. Its wide rim lets you hang the cup directly on a grinder’s dosing cup holder. After collecting ground coffee into the cup, attach its lip to a portafilter and keep the upside down for a safe coffee transfer.

Downsides of Dengofng dosing cups:

It is a great dosing cup. But you must have a 58mm portafilter to use it. Moreover, this cup has no grinder activating tab.

5. Amrankuo 58mm Portafilter Plastic Dosing Cup

Plastic Dosing Cup

Amrankuo 58mm dosing cup is an exceptional item on this list for its uniqueness. Unlike other dosing cups, it comes with a transparent formation. So, you can see what is going on inside the cup while dosing and moving ground coffee.

The dosing cup lets you assume the grind quality by a proper visualization. Besides, users can safely level ground coffee into a portafilter by manual shaking. Its transparent wall also makes it easy to weight beans and ground coffee. So there is no confusion when transferring coffee.

Its food-grade PC material produces no bad smell, which always delivers the fresh flavor of ground coffee. Moreover, you can clean it easily without leaving any debris inside. The cup comes with a single dosing accuracy that assists in faster espresso making.

Since it is a dosing cup with a 58mm diameter, it is well compatible with Breville portafilters with similar diameters, such as the BES920XL, BES900XL, Oracle BES980XL, and BES990BSS1BUS1. The cup will be the perfect match for Baratza Sette 270Wi. But you can also use it with other stand-alone grinders.

This dosing cup is a fancy espresso accessory. So, it can be a fine gift for your espresso-lover buddies.

Downsides of Amrankuo 58mm dosing cup:

It is a plastic made dosing cup. So, it will naturally be less durable compared to metallic dosing cups. Moreover, you must have a 58mm portafilter to use it.

Which material is good for a dosing cup?

Stainless steel and aluminum are more durable materials for a coffee dosing cup. Some users prefer plastic-made transparent cups for a better dosing experience and weighting the ground coffee.

Final Words

A coffee dosing cup is very helpful to keep your coffee grinder clean and prevent ground coffee waste. However, choosing the perfect one can be challenging.

We have made the list of dosing cups based on their convenience and quality, though you have to choose one depending on your particular necessity.

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