Folgers Coffee Ratio – Measurement Chart

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You might have bought the best coffee ground on the planet. But, it will not provide you with mouth-watering flavor and taste if the proportion is wrong.

Folgers is already the name that represents the premium quality ground. However, you must understand the best coffee to water ratio for extracting excellent Folgers coffee flavors.

In this article, we will share a ready chart of Folgers coffee ratio. You can follow the chart to make outstanding flavorful coffee using any ground. Let’s have a look.

Number of cups (6 oz. each)Amount of Water (ML)Regular flavor (gm)Regular flavor (tbsp)Strong flavor (gm)Strong flavor (tbsp)
1 cup177 ml8 grams1 US tbsp11.5 grams1.4 US tbsp
4 cups708 ml32 grams4 US tbsp46 grams5.7 US tbsp
6 cups1062 ml48 grams6 US tbsp69 grams8.6 US tbsp
8 cups1416 ml64 grams8 US tbsp92 grams11.5 US tbsp
10 cups1770 ml80 grams10 US tbsp115 grams14.3 US tbsp
12 cups2124 ml96 grams12 US tbsp138 grams17.2 US tbsp
Folgers Coffee Measurement Chart

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Folgers Coffee Ratio Chart
Folgers Coffee Ratio

What is the best ratio for coffee to water?

The coffee to water golden ratio for brewing coffee means the ideal ground coffee and water measurement. It is helpful for beginners who want to make delicious coffee without thinking much.

For years, the perfect coffee to water ratio is 1 tablespoon of ground coffee for 6 ounces of water. Folgers also recommends this ratio while using their ground coffee.

On the other hand, the Specialty Coffee Association of America [SCAA] suggests their ultimate coffee to water ratio. According to their suggestion, the ideal ratio is 1:18.

It means a cup of delicious coffee requires 1 part of ground coffee and 18 parts of water. Therefore, you need about 55 grams of ground coffee for 1 liter of water.

Why You Need The Right Coffee Ratio?

You often hear about the bad taste of coffee. Many coffee addicts criticize that their coffee tastes awful. Generally, the fault goes to the quality of the ground.

But, the reality is different in most cases.

The taste of coffee mostly depends on the skill of the person who brews it. Making a cup of delicious coffee requires an excellent sense of taste, a perfect measurement of ground, and knowledge of accurate brewing time.

This is the reason why baristas spend hours mastering the taste of coffee. So, you have no other options to make Folgers coffee taste better except following the right coffee ratio.

How much Folgers coffee per pot?

Coffee pots are available from 1 to 12 cups. You should pick one depending on your required serving sizes. However, coffee lovers usually drink three cups of coffee per day.

So, buying a 3-cups [6 oz. each] pot would be ideal for most people. According to Folger’s coffee calculator, you will need about 28 grams [3 US tbsp] of ground to make coffee in a 3-cups pot.

How Much Folgers Coffee for 1 Cup?

If you want a perfect coffee to water ratio base, be the master of making a single cup of coffee.

For a single cup measurement, we would like to pick a cup with 6 oz. of liquid capacity that contains 177 ml of coffee. This amount of coffee is an ideal single-serving size on average. So, it is a perfect measuring unit for any size of brewing.

However, the amount of Folgers ground coffee will depend on your coffee strength preference.

According to our ratio measurement, you will need about 8 grams [1 US tbsp] of ground to make a cup of regular strength coffee.

On the other hand, you need about 11.5 grams [1.4 US tbsp] of ground to make a cup of stronger coffee.

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How Much Folgers Coffee for 4 Cups?

Making 4 cups [6 oz. Each] of coffee will require about 708 ml of water. In the case of adding ground to the water, understand your flavor preference.

Add 32 grams [4 US tbsp] of Folgers ground coffee to 708 ml [24 oz.] of water if you want a regular taste.

In contrast, mix 46 grams [5.7 US tbsp] of ground with the same amount of water for strong flavored coffee.

How Many Scoops of Coffee for 6 Cups Folgers?

A standard coffee scoop can hold about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Therefore, to make 6 cups of coffee, you will need around 6 US tablespoons [48 grams] of Folgers ground coffee.

Based on the measurement, 6 cups will require about 3 scoops of ground to make regular strength coffee. Besides, you have to add 4.3 scoops of ground to water approximately for a strong coffee.

How Much Folgers Do I Use for 8 Cups of Coffee?

In general, 8 cups [6 oz. each] is a standard capacity of the average small-sized carafe. It is equivalent to around 1.4L of coffee that you can enjoy with friends and family.

To brew such a standard coffee, you will have to add about 64 grams [8 US tbsp] of Folgers ground to water. A stronger flavor will require 92 grams [11.5 US tbsp] of Folgers ground coffee.

How Much Folgers Coffee Do you Use for 10 Cups?

10-cups is the most common liquid capacity of carafes around the world. People prefer the number 10 for measuring ground and water quantity effortlessly.

A carafe of 10-cups size will provide you with approximately 1.77L of delicious coffee. Folgers recommends adding 80 grams [10 US tbsp] of ground coffee to water if you want a regular taste.

However, you should mix 115 grams [14.3 US tbsp] of ground for a strong coffee.

How Much Folgers Coffee for 12 Cups?

12 cups [6 oz. each] is a universal brewing size when you want to serve coffee to a crowd. Though you will rarely need to brew that much coffee, you still should know the perfect ground measurement for 12 cups.

The amount of 12 cups is similar to around 2.1 L of coffee. So, if you want a standard taste, you need to mix 96 grams [12 US tbsp] of Folgers ground with water.

However, if you prefer a stronger taste, adding 138 grams [17.2 US tbsp] of ground will provide you with the best result.

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Final thought

A bad ground is not the only culprit behind tasteless coffee. It often happens due to the wrong measurement of ground and water. So, you need to understand the accurate quantity of coffee ingredients.

We have prepared these Folgers coffee ratio measurements based on Folger standard coffee brewing guidelines. They should help you brew flavorful coffee with any ground. So, undoubtedly you will get a better result after following them.


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