Best Folgers Coffee – Colombian Vs. Classic Roast

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Have you ever thought about how a hundred-year-old coffee brand still holds the top position? It is improbable without constant customer satisfaction. However, Folgers knew pretty well how to win people’s gratification.

It is one of the healthiest coffee brands globally that provides premium-grade coffee grounds. Since the beginning, they have been strict about keeping their quality and reputation.

Folgers has a vast product line in the present. Among them, we have dug out the top Folgers coffee blends to drink in 2023 based on their tastes, customers’ reviews, and specialty.

We found Classic Roast Instant and Black Silk Dark Roast are two best Folgers Coffee in our list.

Our Recommended Folgers Coffee:

1. Classic Roast Instant
2. Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast
3. 100 Colombian Medium Roast

We will review some top Folgers blends in this post and cover a few questions people often ask.

Best Folgers Coffee Flavors Review 2022

1. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals

Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals

Do you need your coffee to be made within a few seconds in a busy morning? Then, Folgers Instant is the exact thing to buy. It is one of the best instant coffees in the world that energizes your drowsy mornings.

Each teaspoon of Folgers Instant coffee carries about 57 mg of caffeine. So, this ground coffee will be very satisfying for strong coffee lovers. The name “Instant” says how effortless the making process is! A cup of flavorful instant coffee can be made without any coffee maker.

You need to take the required amount of coffee and mix them with warm water or milk to have a delicious coffee right away. The ground is made of medium roasted pure coffee beans that provide a refreshing aroma. Your entire day will be revived for sure due to the unavoidable smell.


  • The making process is easier than you think.
  • Incredibly strong to awaken you.
  • Needs no coffee maker to brew the ground.


  • The taste can be bitter and sour due to high caffeine.

2. Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Black Silk Dark is a legendary coffee in Folgers product line. The feel and taste are superior similar to its name. Folger’s Black Silk Dark Roast is an inclinable ground for coffee lovers who prefer bold and smooth flavors together.

Coffee is usually drunk for refreshment. However, Folgers Black Silk has some impressive health benefits too. The dark roast ground contains N-Methyl Pyridinium ions which is helpful for weight loss. Besides, the dark roast coffee ground is soothing for the stomach than the light roast.

Folgers has hundreds of years of experience in the coffee industry. Black Silk Dark is one of the glorious inventions by its experts. The ground is crafted with the highest quality coffee beans around the world. So, drinking a cup of Black Silk in the morning will furnish a beautiful day.

Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast can be used to make any coffee. But, it is highly recommended if you are a cold brew coffee enthusiast. Along with the fabulous smell, it has a high presence of caffeine that makes it super strong. So, Black Silk is the thing to pick if you want both richness and strength.


  • Contains healthy substances.
  • Strong, aromatic, and rich taste.
  • Perfect ground for cold brew coffee.


  • It can interrupt sleeping because of high caffeine.

3. Folgers 100 Colombian Medium Roast Coffee

Folgers 100 Colombian Medium Roast Coffee

Colombian is considered one of the best Arabica coffee beans on the planet. It has a unique richness and flavor, unlike any other bean. For this reason, the Colombian Medium Roast is a perfect ground for making flavorful espresso.

Folger’s roast masters expertly craft Folgers 100 Colombian Medium Roast to ensure a mouth-watering blend with a sparkling aroma. The 100 Colombian ground is particularly made for brewing in any coffee maker. However, it is a perfect ground for making espresso and cold brew.

One of the uniqueness of medium roast ground is its outstanding flavor. The smell and taste never lose however you brew the ground. So, 100 Colombian Medium Roast is ideal for those who want to pass through the coffee heaven.


  • Good quality Arabica beans.
  • Ideal for making espresso and cold brew coffee.
  • Rich in taste, flavor, and nutrients.


  • A little more bitter.

4. Folgers Hazelnut Cream Flavored Coffee

Folgers Hazelnut

One of the great things about K-cup is, your coffee will rarely taste bad. It is ready-made where you don’t need to measure or grind coffee beans. Folgers Hazelnut Cream Flavored Coffee is great for saving time and money together.

People who enjoy the nutty aroma and buttery flavor will love its smell. Its mild sweetness and creamy-nutty flavor will make your day cheerful. When you start to brew it, you will gradually experience the alluring flavor of hazelnut.

The ground is made of pure coffee beans. So, the aroma is entirely natural. Since it comes with single-serve k-cups, the making process is effortless and fast. As a result, you can enjoy a perfectly brewed coffee within a minute.


  • Quick making process.
  • Need no measuring and grinding.
  • Delicious and flavorful.


  • Can taste watery for strong coffee drinkers.

5. Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee

So, we are constantly talking about coffees with high caffeine. It is great for keeping you awake. But, what is a good option for coffee lovers who don’t like high caffeine?

Fortunately, Folgers is careful to everyone’s demands. Folgers Classic Decaf Medium Roast comes with almost no caffeine, great for caffeine haters.

It is 99.7% caffeine-free, but you will still enjoy the incredible taste of coffee beans. It provides about 1 to 4 mg of caffeine for each serving, which is surprisingly lower. Also, since the bean is medium roasted, you will get a perfect balance of flavor, aroma, and acidity. So, the absence of caffeine will not ruin the richness at all.

Folgers Classic Decaf ground is well compatible with most coffee makers. So, you will face no difficulty while brewing. If you have a sleeping disorder like Insomnia, coffee can be your worst enemy. However, Folgers Classic Decaf will not deprive you of drinking outstanding tasty coffee.


  • Contains a tiny amount of caffeine.
  • Smooth and rich taste.
  • Satisfying aroma for refreshment.


  • May not be effective for strong coffee drinkers.

Folgers is a century-year-old coffee company. It is impressive that a hundred-year-old company still holds the top position in the industry. The secret behind their success is the strict maintenance of quality and formula.

Though they have gone through many ups and downs, they never compromised quality. Besides, they have improved their formula gradually. Because of proper marketing and maintaining the ground quality, Folgers has been the best grocery store coffee in America.

Folgers blends are incredibly aromatic. The company collects these exclusive beans from mountain regions worldwide. This is a key thing that differentiates Folgers from others because most coffee brands collect their beans from the same place.

They struggle a lot to discover the best Folgers coffee beans, no matter where they are found in the world. It is because they want to satisfy people with complex taste buds.

Perhaps, you never went to the place where the best coffee beans are grown. But, Folgers bring that coffee to your kitchen so that the distance doesn’t deprive you of enjoying the taste of the best coffees.

After collecting beans, they apply a mastery roasting process on beans to achieve the finest taste of coffee. It is to note that Folgers coffee grounds are free from all chemicals and preservatives. It is another point that keeps Folgers ahead.

Folgers coffees are gluten-free too. That is why people with diabetes prefer Folgers coffee because they are safe to drink. Even drinking several cups of Folgers coffee per day seems tolerable for most coffee drinkers.

Folgers has a huge coffee drinker community. Due to the above reasons, Folgers is one of the world’s healthiest and popular coffee brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Folgers Coffee

Where is Folgers coffee grown?

Folgers Coffee is currently owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G). In 1963, P&G attained the brand, and their business strategies helped Folgers to become the world’s top coffee brand.

How to make Folgers coffee without a coffee maker?

Folgers Instant coffee ground requires no coffee maker to be prepared. You need to mix the ground with hot water or milk to have delicious coffee within a few seconds. Moreover, you can brew any coffee ground into boiling water without a coffee maker. Put the recommended amount of coffee ground into the water and stir them well. Now, boil the mixture for two minutes at medium-high temperature.

Which coffee tastes better, Folgers or Maxwell House?

Folgers dominate about 25% market share of ground coffee. On the other hand, Maxwell House dominates about 10% market share of ground coffee. Folgers is the winner based on popularity. However, both brands have a variety of coffee grounds, and each tastes unique. Since everyone has different taste buds, you will find regular coffee drinkers of both brands. Therefore, we cannot announce the winner.

What is the strongest Folgers coffee?

The strength of ground coffee is measured by the caffeine it contains. In that sense, Folgers Gourmet Supreme is the strongest coffee in their product line. Besides, Folgers Black Silk is also known to have higher caffeine.

Folgers Coffee is currently owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G). In 1963, P&G attained the brand, and their business strategies helped Folgers to become the world’s top coffee brand.

Final Thought

We now know about some of the best Folgers ground coffee. Each of them has its unique taste and flavor. It is remarkable that a company produces a variety of ground coffee for people with different taste preferences.

Folgers ground is a perfect blend of two world-famous beans. Arabica is famous for its rich flavor, and Robusta is well-known for high caffeine. Artfully blending them has made Folgers impeccable from others.

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