Can You Make Coffee in a Tea Infuser?

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A tea infuser is an essential kit to enjoy tea when you are busy with outdoor activities like hiking. In such a situation, you don’t have time and space to make a cup of tea like on regular days. A cup of tea made in a tea infuser is similar to something better than nothing. But, coffee enthusiasts may need more than that since they are hungry for the flavor of the coffee.

Can you make coffee in a tea infuser? It is a brave and interesting question, without any doubt. This post will share its answer and other relevant information you should know. Read to learn more.

Can You Make Coffee the Same Way as Tea?

There are countless ways to make a cup of coffee. Everyone has their own method. Many people even make coffee the same way as tea, and the quality of coffee is just as good.

The key to making a great cup of coffee is choosing the grind. Once you have your perfect grind, you can make coffee the same way as tea.

Boiling water is fine, but if you want to avoid any bitterness, let the water cool for about 1 minute before adding it to the grounds. Finally, stir your coffee and let it steep for 3-4 minutes before drinking.

Can You Make Coffee In a Tea Infuser? The Answer Is Here

Make Coffee In a Tea Infuser

Many people don’t realize that they can actually make coffee in a tea infuser. The process is quite simple and only requires a few kitchen kits.

Using a tea infuser to make coffee is perhaps the easiest brewing method you have ever tried. This coffee-making method is great for people on the go who don’t have time to wait for a pot of coffee to brew.

It is also a nice way to change up your usual morning routine. If you are in a hurry, remember that you can always make coffee in a tea infuser.

Should You Use a Tea Strainer or Tea Infuser to Make Coffee?

Both tea strainer and tea infuser are usable for making tea. But, you cannot use a tea strainer while making coffee. So, a tea infuser is the only option for coffee lovers.

A tea strainer is designed to strain out debris from beverages. On the other hand, a tea infuser is designed to perfectly infuse tea leaves or coffee grounds with hot water, resulting in a more flavorful cup of tea and coffee.

The coffee ground will start melting and mixing excessively with water when using a tea strainer. It will result in bitterer and over-extracted coffee. A tea infuser is the best option between these two for making coffee.

What Is the Perfect Grind to Make Coffee in a Tea Infuser?

The coarse grind is the perfect grind to make coffee in a tea infuser. The grind will allow the water to flow through the coffee grounds more easily, resulting in a better extraction.

Additionally, a coarse grind will also prevent the coffee from over-extracting, which can lead to bitterness. If you have a tea infuser with a small opening, you may need to use a little more coffee ground than usual to get a good extraction.

What Is the Best Type of Infuser to Make Coffee?

Infusers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each has its own unique benefits.

For instance, basket infusers are well-suited for large pots of coffee, while ball infusers are ideal for personal use. Infuser eggs are perfect for those who want to experiment with different brewing times and methods.

In short, there is no wrong way to make coffee. So, the best type of infuser is the one that suits your needs and preferences.

What Is the Best Material for a Tea Infuser?

When choosing the best material for a tea infuser, you must consider a few things. The most recommended materials for tea infusers are 304 stainless steel and aluminum.

304 stainless steel is more expensive but does not rust and has a low chance of leaching flavors into the beverage. Aluminum is less costly, and it has some leaching issues. However, the material is considered a food-safe substance.

Food-grade materials are less likely to leach chemicals into the tea and coffee. You should also consider the easiness of cleaning a tea infuser. 304 stainless steel is completely dishwasher safe. In contrast, aluminum tea infusers may require hand washing.

Benefits of Making Coffee Using a Tea Infuser

A tea infuser will make your coffee brewing very easy, and you will get a full-bodied and rich coffee. It is a more affordable device than traditional coffee brewers. Cleaning a tea infuser is also quite easy.

You need no additional expertise to use a tea infuser except to add coffee ground to the infuser and place it in a mug or cup of hot water. A tea infuser is your best buddy when you are enjoying any outdoor activities like hiking.

The Disadvantage of Making Coffee Using a Tea Infuser

Disadvantage of Making Coffee Using a Tea Infuser

Making coffee in a tea infuser can also be challenging. They are usually designed for personal use. So, you cannot brew large amounts of coffee and enjoy it with friends. Besides, the taste of the coffee will go bad if you choose the wrong grind. You may experience bitterer and over-extracted coffee unless you use a coarse grind in a tea infuser.

How to Make Coffee in a Tea Infuser?

There is nothing to describe how to make coffee in a tea infuser. But, we are sharing the steps for beginners.

Things you will need:

  • A tea infuser
  • Coarse grind coffee ground
  • Fresh hot water
  • A cup or mug

Follow these steps to make your coffee:

  1. Fill the infuser with coarsely ground coffee.
  2. Pour hot water into the cup or mug.
  3. Put the infuser filled with coffee into the cup or mug.
  4. Let the coffee steep for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Remove the infuser and enjoy your coffee.

Can You Make a Cold Brew in a Tea Infuser?

Yes, you use a tea infuser to make cold brew coffee. The device comes with small pores, which is perfect for the slower dissolution of coffee grounds. All you need is to fill the infuser with coarsely ground coffee and put it into a cup of water.

The only drawback of making cold brew coffee in a tea infuser is its small capacity. Technically, a tea infuser is a perfect kit for making a cold brew. But, you will need much more coffee ground that it cannot contain. 

Final Words

This article should be informative if you have always wanted to know whether you can make coffee in a tea infuser. The direct answer to the question is yes. A tea infuser can perfectly make delicious coffee when you put the right grind into it.

It is also a popular brewing method when you are in a hurry or busy outdoors. So, having a tea infuser is absolutely worthwhile for enjoying coffee with minimal effort.


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