Can You Make Instant Coffee with Cold Water?

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Instant coffee is a benison for busy people. It is ready-made and takes a few seconds to prepare. You only need to mix the instant ground coffee with water for drinking right away.

Like all other ground coffee, instant coffee melts well in hot water. But, a few coffee enthusiasts want to know if they can use cold water for instant coffee.

Making instant coffee in cold water is possible. The challenge you will face is a longer duration of preparation. However, it should not be a big issue if you know tricks to liquefy ground coffee faster.

We will share with you how you can dissolve instant coffee faster in cold water and if you can mix it with milk. Enjoy the rest!

Can You Use Cold Water for Instant Coffee?

Yes, you can undoubtedly use cold water for instant coffee. Though hot water is recommended for good extraction, cold water can dissolve the ground too. The thing to check out is if the ground-water ratio is correct.

Can you use cold water for instant coffee

Cold water can delay the dissolving process. However, the duration also depends on many things, including the ground size, type of roast, and coffee particles.

You can stir the ground to accelerate the dissolving process. Besides, using a shaking pot will be good too. So, there is nothing wrong with using cold water for instant coffee. But, hot water melts the ground faster.

What is instant coffee?

Instant coffee is specially ground coffee that goes through an interesting manufacturing process. It is produced by drying coffee extract.

Ground coffee is brewed carefully to make the extract thicker than regular coffee in the manufacturing process. Then, the water is eradicated from the brewed extract to convert it into dry powder. Since the ground coffee is already brewed, it melts in water instantly.

Instant coffee manufacturers apply two methods for making instant coffee.

• Freeze-drying
• Spray drying

In freeze-drying, the manufacturer freezes the extract and crushes them afterward. In the case of spray drying, they spray the brewed extract into hot air so that it turns into powder.

When the final product is ready, coffee brands pack and market them.

Is instant coffee “real” coffee?

The primary ingredient of instant coffee is traditional coffee beans. So, instant coffee is undoubtedly real coffee. The roasting, grounding, and brewing process of instant coffee are similar to regular coffee.

But, the extract is converted into powder after brewing. Instant coffee melts in water faster because they are already brewed before selling. Though the manufacturing process is different, they are also made of genuine coffee beans.

How to Dissolve Instant Coffee Faster When Using Cold Water?

Instant coffee is manufactured for making and drinking it faster. But, it takes a longer time to dissolve in cold water. It is the opposite of the purpose of buying instant coffee. The delay happens because the temperature is crucial for brewing.

Since you want to make instant coffee in cold water, you need to get creative. For example, you can use a shaking pot to liquefy the ground quickly. Besides, you can stir the ground to dissolve it well.

The trick will be different here if you want to prepare instant coffee for more than a single serving. Since cold water delays the melting process, you should first dissolve the ground in a small amount of hot water. Then, after it melts, you can add cold water to the solution.

Does Instant Coffee Dissolve Better in Hot Water or Cold Water?

Instant coffee means it doesn’t require a coffee maker for brewing. But, the temperature of the water plays a significant role in brewing. The ideal water temperature for brewing ground coffee is between 195 ° to 205 ° Fahrenheit.

Almost all ground coffees are manufactured to brew in hot water. It is because brewing in hot water extracts the flavor of coffee and makes it taste better, faster.

Of course, liquefying ground coffee in cold water is possible. But, the dissolving process won’t be faster, and it can affect the taste and flavor.

Making instant coffee is possible in both hot and cold water. But, hot water will be much better for dissolving.

Does Instant Coffee Dissolve in Milk?

Does instant coffee dissolve in milk

You can also use milk instead of water because instant coffee dissolves in milk. The temperature of the milk can be both hot and cold similar to water. One thing to keep in mind is that milk is thicker than water. So, the dissolving will take longer.

But, if you are tricky, it won’t be challenging. For example, you can melt the instant ground coffee in milk first and then mix it with water. Some coffee lovers prefer a 50:50 ratio of milk and water.

The brewing will be faster if you dissolve the instant coffee in hot milk. In contrast, brewing in cold milk will take time. So, you should keep stirring until the ground coffee completely liquefies.

Final thought

Finally, you know that you can make instant coffee in cold water. The only drawback of dissolving instant coffee in cold water is it takes longer to prepare.

But, you can overcome the issue by applying some tricks. Instant coffee is also produced with original coffee beans. However, it melts fast because the ground is already brewed. You can mix the ground with both hot and cold water.

If it takes longer to liquefy, stir it well to accelerate the process. Drinking instant coffee offers a ton of health benefits. But, we should avoid overdrinking at any cost.


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