How to Make Vietnamese Coffee without a Filter?

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Coffee beans have a few variations. But, when it comes to coffee recipes, the number will surely cross the hundred.

Nearly all countries in the world have their traditional coffee recipes. Have you ever tried any unique coffee recipes from other countries? In today’s post, we will talk about Vietnamese coffee.

It is a traditional beverage in Vietnam with a unique brewing process. That’s why it tastes different than Western and European coffee.

To make it, you will need a Vietnamese coffee brewer, also called Phin. However, you can also brew it without that filter.

Want to try it at home? Let’s explore how to make Vietnamese coffee without a filter. Enjoy!

What Is Vietnamese Coffee? 

What is Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee, also called Cà phê việt nam, is a traditional coffee recipe from Vietnam and other southeast Asian countries.

The beverage has both hot and cold variations. Ca Phe Sua Nong is a Vietnamese hot milk coffee. On the other hand, Vietnamese iced coffee is called Ca Phe Sua Da.

Ca Phe Sua Da is popular for its rich, sweet, and aromatic flavor. Vietnamese coffee differs from other coffees because of its stronger taste and unique brewing method. Unlike other coffee, you will need a special metal filter called a Phin to brew it.

Traditional Vietnamese coffee is prepared from the dark roast of Robusta beans, which carries nearly double the caffeine compared with Arabica beans. It is a big reason behind its stronger and bitter taste. 

Can I Make Vietnamese Coffee without a Filter? 

You have already learned that you need a special filter, Phin, or a Vietnamese coffee brewer, to make this drink.  

But what to do if you don’t find it in your nearest kitchen appliance shop or don’t want to buy a new filter? No worries, you can still brew Vietnamese coffee without a filter.

Let’s talk about an alternative to the Vietnamese coffee filter. A French press is the best device you can use instead of a Phin.

Though the French press is technically a different device from Phin, it will produce stronger coffee for preparing the final beverage.

What Beans Are Used for Vietnamese Coffee?

Robusta is the most common coffee bean used for brewing Vietnamese coffee.

A specialty of Vietnamese coffee is its pungent taste and rich flavor. To achieve that quality, Robusta is the best coffee bean.

This coffee bean has almost double the caffeine content compared with Arabica. It plays a major part in making Vietnamese coffee bitter.

Let’s talk about the perfect grind size for making Vietnamese coffee. Since it is a filter-brewed coffee, you should pick a medium coarse grind. Otherwise, the coffee ground will fall through the holes of the filter.

How to Make Vietnamese Coffee without a Filter?

Here is what you were looking for! We will share how to make iced Vietnamese coffee, Ca Phe Sua Da, without a filter. Instead of a Vietnamese coffee filter or Phin, we will use a French press.

Ingredients you will need:

a. Dark roast Robusta coffee ground (coarse or medium grind only)

 b. Freshwater

 c. Sweetened condensed milk

 d. Ice cubes

 e. A French press

Let’s check out the step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Boil water as you do for regular coffee brewing.

Step 2: Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee ground with 3/4 cups of water in the French press.

Step 3: Wait 4 minutes for steeping, then press down the plunger to strain.

Step 4: Put sweetened condensed milk into the serving cup and pour coffee from the French press.

Note: Your Vietnamese hot milk coffee (Ca Phe Sua Nong) is ready to drink. But, there is one more step to making Vietnamese iced coffee.

Step 5: Finally, add some ice cubes to the coffee and enjoy the famous Ca Phe Sua Da.

How Caffeinated Is Vietnamese Coffee?

How caffeinated is Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee is more highly caffeinated than average coffee. A single-serve Vietnamese coffee contains around 100 mg of caffeine.

The amount of caffeine in this beverage seems intense compared with American coffee. A cup of Vietnamese coffee carries almost the same caffeine as three cups of regular coffee.

Many also want to know: does Vietnamese coffee have more caffeine than espresso? The answer is Yes, and you should drink it in moderation.

Is Vietnamese Coffee Healthy?

Traditional Vietnamese coffee is a very healthy drink for people of all ages. Since it is prepared with Robusta beans, its powerful antioxidants will contribute to overall physical wellness.

Studies have found that a higher presence of chlorogenic acid in Vietnamese coffee also assists in lowering blood pressure.

If you suffer from fatigue and depression, Vietnamese coffee will work like magic to regain energy and improve your mood.

However, overdrinking this coffee can bring the opposite result. Since it is highly caffeinated, people with insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure should consume the drink in moderation.

Moreover, coffee drinkers with milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance can face some difficulties.

What Is So Good about Vietnamese Coffee?

Considering the taste and health advantages, Vietnamese coffee is much better than other coffees.

The use of Robusta coffee grounds makes its taste bolder and rich. But, the coffee ground carries 60% less sugar and fat than Arabica.

Additionally, Robusta ground contains higher chlorogenic acid and antioxidants than Arabica ground. These comparisons clarify how good Vietnamese coffee is for overall health.

Final Thought

If you don’t have a Phin or Vietnamese coffee filter, it is no more a barrier to enjoying this mouth-watering beverage. We have shared the entire process of how to make Vietnamese coffee without a filter.

Vietnamese coffee has both hot and cold versions. But, the Ca Phe Sua Da, also known as Vietnamese iced coffee, is globally famous. It is one of the most delicious beverages among other coffee recipes.

Combining a unique brewing method and the Robusta coffee ground creates a rich and complex flavor of Vietnamese coffee. If you are looking for a unique drink for summer, this is much better than regular iced coffee.


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