Can You Use Regular Ground Coffee in a French Press?

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French press is an admired coffee brewing pot that helps split coffee grounds from drinkable coffee. But, a large number of people still experience muddy taste and sludge at the bottom of a coffee cup. Thus, the question arises. Can you brew regular ground coffee in a French press?

This post will discuss whether you can brew regular ground coffee in a French press and which ground is better to use. Let’s go through it.

Here Is the Answer!

The direct answer is YES! You can use regular ground coffee to make French press coffee. It is a manual brewing technique where you need to submerge the ground coffee in hot water for a few minutes. After that, you can sunder the ground from coffee effortlessly by pushing down the French press’s plunger. But, you need to choose a perfect ground for French press coffee. The coarse grind is considered ideal for use in a French press. In opposition, using super-fine ground in the French press can be troublesome.

Why Should You Use a French Press?

Why should you use a French Press

The French press is a combination of brewing and filtration devices. It helps users to avoid ground sludge and pour drinkable coffee. Besides, it is a cost-effective device for making rich and delicious coffee.

The flavor is a desired component of high-quality coffee. In general, the refreshing coffee flavor comes from existing fats and oils in coffee beans. Unfortunately, when you use a paper filter, it soaks up the coffee oil, which is subtly related to excellent flavor.

French press is particularly designed to filter the ground without absorbing the flavor. Besides, the tiny particles of ground also get added to coffee to enhance the flavor.

So, when you use a French press, you have better control over the taste. Finally, you get an excellent flavor of coffee, avoiding the ground sludge.

Ideal Coffee Grounds for French Press

People often ask about the ideal ground for the French press. According to coffee experts, medium to coarse grind is the most compatible ground to use in a French press. But, coarse ground is highly recommended because of its standard size, like sea salt. The coffee should be heavenly flavorful if you brew medium or dark roast coarse grind in a French press.

Can I Use Fine Ground Coffee in a French Press?

Using fine ground coffee in a French press is one of the common mistakes of beginners. In general, the fine ground is not recommended to use in a French press. In most cases, the perforation of the French press doesn’t catch the tiny particles of finely ground coffee. As a result, you get a coffee with a muddier taste.

Fortunately, you can still use fine ground coffee in the French press in tricky ways. One of them is to reduce the extraction time. You have to push the plunger and pour the coffee as fast as possible.

Besides, you can buy an additional French press mesh filter or a conical fine mesh kitchen filter for filtering your coffee. The Filtration process should be done carefully and patiently so that the fine ground doesn’t block the coffee filter.

How Long to Brew French Press Coffee

The brewing time of French press coffee depends on the type of ground used and how strong the coffee will be. In general, the ideal brewing time for French press coffee is 4 minutes. If someone wants a lighter taste, he needs to brew the ground for 2 to 3 minutes. In opposition, the stronger coffee lovers should brew the ground for 5 to 6 minutes.

How to Use a French Press for Brewing Regular Ground Coffee

Beginners often fail to prepare delicious coffee in the French press because they make some mistakes. If you have recently owned a French press, chances are it may happen to you too. We are sharing an evergreen recipe to make great French press coffee.

Step 1: Take coarse ground coffee and fresh water in a 1:12 (1:15 also preferable) ratio. Boil the water for 2 minutes.

Step 2: Put the ground coffee into the French press and pour the warm water into it. 

Step 3: Take a plastic spoon and mix the water and the ground. Now, wait for 4 minutes for perfect brewing.

Step 4: Set the lid on the French press’s lip and push the plunger down cautiously. Now, pour the coffee into another cup for drinking.

Pro tips: If you brew finer ground in a French press, avoid paper filters during filtration. The coffee will lose its flavor because paper filters soak up oil and flavor. You can use a fine-mesh conical kitchen filter to pour the coffee through it for a better result.

French Press Brewing Tips

Check out our quick tips to make a perfect taste of French press coffee.

  1. Always brew freshly ground coffee instead of pre-ground for a better flavor.
  2. The water you will use should be warm, not boiling.
  3. The water for brewing should be purified and fresh because a cup of coffee contains 98% of water.
  4.  Use coarse ground to avoid the muddier taste of coffee.
  5. Brew the ground for 4 minutes to get an ideal coffee.
  6. Pre-heat your French press before brewing not to absorb the water heat.
  7. Always clean your French press after every use so that you get no taste of old coffee.
  8. Always measure your ground coffee and water before brewing.
  9.  Do not delay pouring your coffee after pressing the plunger. 
  10. Don’t be afraid of experiments because practice makes perfect.

Final Thought

Making great coffee mostly depends on your skill. If you know how to brew a coffee perfectly, you can bring out the best flavor and taste, no matter what you are using to brew. The French press is an excellent device for making mouth-watering coffee. You can brew regular ground coffee in it for sure. Though medium to the coarse ground is recommended, you can use fine ground too. In that case, accurate timing and filtering of the coffee with a fine mesh filter is crucial. If the entire process is followed, you should get the best French press coffee you have ever had. 


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