Can You Make Regular Coffee with an Espresso Machine?

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Espresso is well-known as the core of many coffee-based drinks. So, you are in luck if you own an espresso machine. It is needless to say that an espresso machine lets you enjoy a variety of coffee-based beverages with minimal effort.

So, Can you make a regular coffee with an Espresso machine? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Though you cannot make regular coffee with an espresso machine, you can still make an espresso variant called Americano. It is a very similar drink to regular coffee that can be prepared and served instantly.

In this post, we will learn how to make this drink with an espresso machine. Let’s explore.

Why can’t you make regular coffee with an espresso machine?

An espresso machine and a coffee maker are two different devices. They are designed for two specific purposes. Both of them produce beverages that are very different. Their built-in brewing systems also work based on unique principles.

You will need the finer coffee ground to brew them in an espresso machine. Besides, an espresso machine can brew the ground within 20 to 30 seconds. On the other hand, a coffee maker will brew coarser grind coffee that may take up to 10 minutes for brewing well.

The high force of steaming water is the unique characteristic of an Espresso machine. It forces pressurized water through the coffee ground for a very short time to produce espresso. In contrast, a coffee maker uses the power of gravity to pass the water through the grounds.

It is definite that the beverage brewing processes of these two machines are different. So, you can’t make a regular coffee on an espresso machine. Similarly, a coffee maker can’t make espresso.

Difference Between Espresso and Regular Coffee

Though coffee beans are the primary ingredient of espresso and coffee, they are two different kinds of beverages. The variation of the bean particle and the brewing technique is the reason behind this dissimilarity.

You must follow a very complex brewing process to make an espresso shot. It is a perfect synergy of steaming water, finer coffee ground, and high pressure. The high force and a hasty contact between water and coffee puck create “crema,” which is the uniqueness of espresso. Because of the unique brewing process, the taste of espresso is a little bitter and rich. But, it is aromatic, sweet, and gentle on the tongue simultaneously.

On the other hand, making regular coffee requires a medium coffee grind. A coffee maker will brew the ground using gravity instead of applying high pressure. Coffee takes around 5 minutes on average to be rightly brewed.

The taste of a perfectly brewed coffee is pleasingly sweet and acidic. It is aromatic too, but not as bitter and rich as Espresso. Moreover, coffee contains less caffeine compared to Espresso.

What beverages can you make using a espresso machine?

You already know that the Espresso machine is designed for making espresso only. Therefore, it may seem disappointing if you own one. However, it doesn’t mean you are confined to making only espresso.

Having an espresso machine allows you to enjoy a variety of espresso-based beverages like the following:


Latte is a popular beverage worldwide; it originated in Italy. You can make a scrummy tasteful Latte using an espresso machine. After brewing the espresso shot, put steamed milk and foam on the espresso to enjoy your Latte instantly.


Americano is perhaps the simplest variation of espresso. You have to add hot water with an espresso shot, and your Americano is ready!


Macchiato is another espresso-based drink that is also originated in Italy. Pour steamed milk on an espresso shot in an equal ratio to make this delicious beverage.


Cappuccino is a creamy, sweet, and light bitter beverage of Italian origin. To make this delectable drink, you need to add steamed milk and foam on the top of espresso in an equal ratio.


Red-eye is another American variation of espresso. You have to pour an espresso shot on coffee to make a cup of red-eye.


Mocha is probably the most mouth-watering variation of espresso. It is also called Ethiopian-Indonesian espresso. You will need to add chocolate, steamed milk, and cream with espresso to make an amazing Mocha.

How to make regular coffee with an Espresso machine?

You cannot make regular coffee with an espresso machine. But, you can make Americano using it, which is a variation of espresso. Americano is almost the same thing as regular coffee.

Americano is a bland version of espresso. The standard ratio of Americano is 2:1, where you need two portions of boiling water and one portion of espresso. However, some people like the smoother taste. So, they follow the 3:1 ratio to make Americano.

You will need the following things to make a perfect Americano.

  • An espresso machine
  • Finer ground coffee
  • Boiling water
  • Coffee cup for serving

How to make Americano with an Espresso machine? (step by step guide)

make Americano with an Espresso machine

Step 1:

Make a standard espresso shot. Depending on the taste and serving, you can make a single, double, or triple shot.

Step 2:

Take a teapot and boil the required amount of water. The amount of water should be double the espresso shot since the standard ratio is 2:1. However, you can follow the 3:1 ratio to make the taste smoother.

Step 3:

When both are prepared, pour the steaming water into the espresso. Now, your Caffe Americano is ready to enjoy!

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Final Thoughts

The advantage of using an espresso machine for coffee is the speed. An espresso shot needs a few seconds to be prepared. Besides, adding some water with espresso and turning it into other forms of coffee is very effortless.

Making regular coffee using a coffee maker usually takes longer. However, brewing coffee ground using an espresso machine saves your precious time. Finally, you will get Caffe Americano that will provide you with almost the similar taste as regular coffee.


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