Can You Make Distilled Water with a Coffee Maker?

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Distilled water is a type of purified water that is produced by boiling and cooling to the point where it turns into vapor. After collecting the vapor, it becomes liquid and contains no impurities. Distilled water has numerous uses, including in laboratory testing.

Since the method of preparing distilled water involves boiling, you might think that you can easily make distilled water at home using your coffee maker. Before trying it, you need to know – can you make distilled water with a coffee maker?

In this post, we will explain it in detail and learn much other relevant information. Keep reading.

Does a Coffee Maker Make Distilled Water?

Does a coffee maker make distilled water

A coffee maker cannot distill water. The claim is nothing but myths and misconceptions about coffee makers.

The distillation process involves boiling water and then collecting the resulting steam. Coffee makers simply do not get hot enough to distill water. So, if you are looking for distilled water, you will need to find another device.

Will Boiling Water Make It Distilled?

The answer is no. Boiling water will not make it distilled. Making distilled water will require a distillation process, which is more than boiling water.

The process makes distilled water much purer than the original water. Therefore, simply boiling water will not produce distilled water.

To produce distilled water, you must go through the entire distillation process.

Is Distilled Water the Same As Purified Water?

Distilled water is a type of purified water. But, all purified water is not distilled.

The distillation process removes impurities such as minerals, bacteria, and contaminants from the water. That’s why it becomes purified and edible.

Distilled water is often used in medical settings because it is sterile and free from toxins. It is also popular for watering plants because it does not contain minerals that damage delicate roots.

Can You Purify Water with a Coffee Maker?

Can you purify water with a coffee maker

Though boiling water is an effective way to purify it, using a coffee maker in such a case will not be much helpful.

A coffee maker does not get hot enough to kill all the bacteria in the water. It means you can still get sick if you drink the water heated in a coffee maker.

If you need to purify water, boiling is always a better solution. But if you have access to clean water, there is no need to go through the extra hassle.

Does Distilled Water Damage Coffee Makers?

Distilled water can damage coffee makers gradually. Many people believe that Distilled water is the best type of water to use in coffee makers. But, this doesn’t seem right.

Distilled water can cause problems by slowly breaking down the metal parts of a coffee maker. Since distilled water is purer than regular water, it is able to leach metal ions from metal surfaces more easily.

For this reason, use filtered water in coffee makers instead of distilled water.

Can You Use Distilled Water in Your Coffee Maker?

All coffee makers may not be compatible working with distilled water. Nowadays, some coffee makers have sensors to detect the mineral content of water.

In such cases, your coffee makers may not function properly.

Coffee making process involves using water to extract the flavors and aromas from coffee grounds. The quality of water during coffee making can have a significant impact on the final beverage.

Distilled water is free of minerals and other impurities that can affect the taste of coffee. Additionally, it can help to prevent build-up in coffee makers, extending their lifespan.

So, checking your coffee maker’s instructions before using distilled water is important.

What Happens If You Make Coffee with Distilled Water?

Anyone should avoid distilled water for coffee-making since it can result in a bitter and unpleasant-tasting drink.

Though many people believe that they can use any type of water to make coffee, the truth is that the quality of the water actually makes a big difference in the taste.

Distilled water contains no minerals and impurities, which can help balance out coffee’s bitter flavors. It will provide you with a weird-tasting coffee. For delicious coffee, experts suggest using filtered water when brewing.

Can You Drink Distilled Water?

Can you drink distilled water

Yes, there is nothing wrong with drinking distilled water. Many people even drink it regularly.

The distillation process makes it extremely pure and free of contaminants which is safe to drink. That’s why it is often used in medical settings.

But, distilled water lacks minerals which can sometimes taste a bit bland. Some people also find that it is not as hydrating as other types of water.

Except for these, distilled water is an excellent option if you are looking for purity in water.

How to Make Distilled Water at Home?

To make distilled water, you must apply the distillation process, which is more than boiling water. You can buy distilled water from nearer stores. But, it is also possible to distill water at home.
You need a device called a water distiller to do it. The device seems like a mini version of the commercial distillation process. It works by boiling water and collecting the resulting steam in a separate chamber.
A water distiller leaves the impurities behind in the boiler, and the pure water vapor condenses back into liquid form.
Using a water distiller can be cost-effective to enjoy the benefits of distilled water without buying it frequently.

Final Words

The article should explain in detail that a coffee maker is not a device to distill water. So, the final answer is no to the question – can you make distilled water with a coffee maker?

Moreover, it is clear that boiled and distilled water are not the same, though both are purified water. Due to a lack of common minerals, distilled water may taste bland. Therefore, coffee experts discourage using it while brewing coffee.

Distilled water can also destroy your coffee maker gradually. So, you should use fresh and filtered water for the best-tasting coffee and the coffee machine’s longevity.


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