How to Make Folgers Coffee Taste Good – 7 Easy Steps

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Folgers has been the top-selling coffee brand in the USA for years. This leading coffee brand has raised a vast customer base because of its unique taste and flavor. However, if you recently asked a regular Folgers coffee drinker, they will tell you about the unusual taste. Most of them will regret that they miss the classic Folgers taste.

The taste and flavor of Folgers coffee have changed because of the alteration in the bean ratio. Now, it may taste a little bitter and harsh. But, if you are creative at making yummy coffee, you can still make Folgers coffee taste good.

In this post, we will explain why the taste of Folgers coffee has been pungent, and how you can turn it into delicious. Let’s explore.

Why Does Folgers Coffee Taste Bad?

Folgers coffee doesn’t taste bad, but it has changed. People talk about Folgers coffee’s bad taste because they miss the ancient flavor and taste. Folger’s ground is a combination of Robusta and Arabica beans. The company has changed the ratio of these two beans in the ground. That is why people are experiencing different tastes.

Both Robusta and Arabica beans are grown in the mountain regions. They are famous coffee beans worldwide because of their richness and smooth flavor. Robusta beans are comparatively low-priced, and the growing process is simpler. On the other hand, Arabica beans require exact weather to grow.

Arabica beans are finer in many aspects, including the quality, aroma, and taste. In addition, the combination of Robusta and Arabica beans creates alluring flavorful coffee grounds, which is the secret of Folgers being the top coffee brand.

The Folgers coffee ground came with a 60:40 Arabica-Robusta ratio that was legendary among coffee lovers. Due to the unavailability and costing, Folgers changed the bean ratio around 2015. They start to produce ground with 40:60 Arabica-Robusta ratios that cause a change in taste.

Folgers coffee grounds now taste a little bitter because of the extra presence of Robusta beans. The additional bitterness translates to bad taste for many coffee lovers.

By the way, the change in taste has made the regular Folgers drinker upset.

Is Folgers Coffee Real Coffee?

A different taste of Folgers coffee has raised many questions in people’s minds. Some of them even asked if the Folgers coffee is real. The truth is, nothing has changed except the bean ratio.

Folgers ground is still made of natural beans. They collect both the Robusta and Arabica beans from the mountain regions of South America, South-East Asia, and Africa.

The ground contains a good amount of caffeine and naturally healthy ingredients. That is why Folgers coffee is still the top and one of the healthiest coffee brands in the USA.

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How to Make Folgers Coffee Taste Good?

Folgers Coffee

When Folgers coffee came with the superior 60:40 Arabica-Robusta ratio, the taste was more aromatic and soothing. At present, it tastes a little more bitter due to the high ratio of Robusta beans and lesser Arabica beans.

No matter how the Folgers ground tastes, you can add the following ingredients to make delicious Folgers coffee.


Most people around the world use sugar as a sweetener for coffee. However, honey is an excellent natural sweetener that will make your coffee taste awesome.It is because honey has its unique taste and flavor.

Besides, honey contains many essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. So, it will enhance the flavor of your coffee and make it super healthy and tasty.


Adding butter to coffee is a new trend. It is the main ingredient to make bulletproof coffee. Butter enhances the taste of coffee and makes it creamier. In addition, it contains many essential nutrients for our bodies.

So, if you want to lose weight, it is also a great ingredient to add to coffee. Butter in coffee will make it tasty and keep you satisfied for a longer time.


It sounds weird that we suggest adding salt to coffee instead of sugar. However, you will know the difference if you try it.

Salt is the simplest thing that can lessen the bitterness of coffee. Even professionals follow this trick. You must try it at home if you are too bothered by the bitter taste of coffee.

Almond Milk

Almond Milk with Folgers Coffee

If steamed milk still fails to make your coffee delectable, you should pour some almond milk into coffee. Almond milk tastes excellent but contains low calorie and low fat than regular milk.

In addition, adding some almond milk to coffee will provide a rich nutty flavor.


Cinnamon is the secret spice that makes any food taste great. If you want to reduce the bitterness and enhance the aroma of the coffee, add some cinnamon powder to the coffee. It contains many healthy substances that are great for your overall wellness.

Along with adding these tasty ingredients, you should know some tricks that are helpful to make better-tasting coffee.

Reduce Brewing Time

Every coffee lover has a different taste preference. Some coffee drinkers like a little bitterness in every sip. Folgers coffee is just the thing for them. However, if bitterness bothers you, you can reduce the brewing time. It will require some experiments and can take days to discover the perfect taste.

Follow The Golden Ratio

If these attempts don’t make Folgers coffee taste good, perhaps you are brewing excess ground. In that case, following the ideal ratio can help. According to people’s taste sense, 1:15 coffee-water is the perfect ratio for a flavorsome coffee.

It means you need to add 1 gram of coffee ground to 15 mL of water. Applying this golden ratio should immediately make you a delicious cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Due to changes in the bean ratio, Folgers coffee now tastes unusual. Regular coffee drinkers find it slightly bitter and harsh than the classic taste. However, there are varieties of ingredients that can enhance and improve the taste of coffee. Besides, you can follow the strategy suggested by experts to make harsh coffee smoother. Folgers is still the top coffee brand and is great to drink.

We hope, now you have an idea of how to make Folgers coffee taste good. Enjoy your Folgers’ experience.

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